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Under control: an operator controls STS cranes from a safe distance at the Port of Yanhshan, China.
Under control: an operator controls STS cranes from a safe distance at the Port of Yanhshan, China.

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Cavotec RRCs deliver safety, efficiency gains for ZPMC

When ZPMC – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy duty equipment and STS cranes – needed to ensure safe, reliable, and cost efficient maintenance of STS cranes at automated container terminals in China and Morocco, they selected our advanced Radio Remote Control (RRC) units to do the job.

 In Tangier, Morocco, and Qingdao and Yangshen in China, STS cranes are operated remotely from a control room. Personnel are not permitted near these cranes while they are in use. However, during commissioning and maintenance, operators are required to control the cranes on-site, exposing them to potentially hazardous situations.

We engineered and supplied 29 RRC systems with transmitter and receiver units that enable operators to control the cranes from a safe distance during commissioning and maintenance operations.

With an emergency stop function, one of the best battery capacities on the market, and a highly ergonomic design, the units are the best possible way to ensure that personnel are safe during commissioning and maintenance operations, while at the same time minimising costs and downtime, and avoiding potential damage to cranes, ships, and port vehicles.

Cavotec has extensive experience of crane applications, and provides a wide variety of RRC technologies and Human Operator Interface systems for demanding applications worldwide. 

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Joakim Wahlquist

Joakim Wahlquist

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