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Cavotec launches lightweight, ergonomic radio remote control unit for extended use

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Cavotec launches lightweight, ergonomic radio remote control unit for extended use

Cavotec has developed a lightweight, ergonomic radio remote control (RRC) unit for operators to control mobile cranes, tower cranes, crusher machines and other machinery over extended periods.

“The MC3100 system responds to three key demands identified by our customers: safety, ergonomics and the capacity to perform under severe mechanical stress,” explains Cavotec Micro-control Managing Director, Peter Grönholm.

The new units have been developed in close cooperation with the industry and Cavotec’s customers. Key design elements include the option for users to readily adjust the height and angle of the unit from their belt. Several housing enclosures were tested before the optimal design was selected.

“Customer feedback has been invaluable in developing the MC3100,” says Grönholm.

While the MC3100 adds an entirely new dimension to Cavotec’s offering, the Group has developed advanced RRC units for the oil and gas, mining and tunnelling and general industry sectors for many years. Cavotec’s explosion proof (Ex-) RRC systems are used at applications worldwide.

However, the MC3100 is lighter and more compact than many of the other RRC systems developed by Cavotec, and thus broadens the scope of applications in which its RRC units can be used. All the safety features and robust qualities of the units designed for the oil, gas and mining sectors have been incorporated into the MC3100.

“Despite its compact size, the MC3100 fulfils the highest possible industry safety standards for RRCs and equipment manufacturers. Two Cavotec customers have already purchased the units and are extremely satisfied with the results,” says Grönholm.

While Cavotec’s existing RRC units tend to be employed for short periods of time to control heavy machinery, the MC3100 is ideally suited to constant or frequent use in the general industry applications and in sectors such as farming and forestry.

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Memed Üzel

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