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World Premierie of RAY EV-charging Cable

Charge Amps have launched the much sought after RAY cable for Type 2 electric vehicles and plug in hybrids.

With RAY Charge Amps provide the EV-owner with full control by adding a built in temperature sensor to the wall-plug. In case of an increase of heat RAY will gradually reduce the charging power, thus ensuring continued and safe charging.

Following the directives for EV charging, the control box is now placed 15 cm from the wall to ensure that the cable will not be powered once the car is fully charged. 

Just like previous mode2 and mode3 charging solutions from Charge Amps, RAY is the smallest, most light weight and customer friendly charging device. RAY is equiped with Wi-Fi.

RAY is the the result of the collaboration with Koenigsegg co-designer Joachim Nordwall and presents a whole new expression of  features and design. With RAY Charge Amps prove our position by creating and manufacturing safe, smart and attractive EV-charging solutions.


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