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‘Felix’ and ‘Fido’ are in for a treat: colors sourced from nature for pet food

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‘Felix’ and ‘Fido’ are in for a treat: colors sourced from nature for pet food

With the launch of a whole new range of ingredients with coloring properties for dog and cat food, Chr. Hansen uses it’s 140-years of formulation and application know-how to support the pet food industry

A full product range is being launched for use in multiple dog and cat food applications – including dry, semi-moist and treats.

The solutions consist of 28 products sourced from nature with coloring properties. The extensive range provides the most common shades for pet food – yellow, orange, red and brown. The range is available in the US and in Europe.

“In partnership with some of the largest manufacturers of pet food – we have gained deep expertise in pet food applications. Together with the launch of this new product range, we provide support for the formulation needed to convert from artificial colors, to natural. With our products and know-how, we help customers achieve the shades that are right for their brand,” explains Rikke Sakstrup Frandsen, Industry Business Manager, Pet Foods.

Man’s best friend
Dogs are the most popular pet in the world, owned by one in three people. With nearly 70 million dogs in the US alone, and half of these sleeping in their owner’s bed, it’s no wonder that dogs are big business. Cats are not far behind in popularity, with 23% of people globally living with a pet cat1. The dog and cat food industries have a combined retail value of approximately EUR 65.5 billion2.

Just as consumers are increasingly demanding healthy, natural and safe food for themselves, so too are pet owners increasingly seeking foods for their pets that don’t include artificial ingredients or preservatives3. Pet food manufacturers are responding to consumer demand with premium pet food and pet products.

Following human trends
“Pet trends are closely following human trends. This means that consumer willingness to buy premium pet food products is increasing, with ‘pet parents’ often using similar criteria to select pet food as they use when purchasing food for themselves,” explains Klaus Bjerrum, executive vice president, Natural Colors Division.

“At Chr. Hansen, it is our business to develop natural solutions that meet changing market trends. This enables our customers to boost consumer trust and gives them the leading edge to protect and nurture their brand by meeting changing market preferences. It is in light of these latest market trends in pet food that we have decided to support this industry, using our strong foundation of formulation and application knowledge from over 140-years in the food & beverage industry,” adds Bjerrum.

1. Data from a survey by GFK/SCIENTIFIC REPORTS VOLUME 7
2. Euromonitor and Chr. Hansen data, 2017
3. The Nielsen Company (US), LLC. Trends in pet care mirror those of pet owners, 2018

About Chr. Hansen Natural Colors
Chr. Hansen is the world leader in natural colors. We apply our deep knowledge and insights about pigments, applications, and regulatory requirements around the globe to help our customers – and consumers – bring safe and appetizing food to the table. Sourced from nature, our color portfolio is the largest and most vibrant in the food industry, and our active role in the industry spans 140 years. We are part of Chr. Hansen Holding, who develops natural ingredient solutions for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. Chr. Hansen employs over 3,000 people in 30 countries and is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen.



Chr. Hansen is a leading, global bioscience company that develops natural ingredient solutions for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. We develop and produce cultures, enzymes, probiotics and natural colors for a rich variety of foods, confectionery, beverages, dietary supplements and even animal feed and plant protection. Our product innovation is based on more than 30,000 microbial strains – we like to refer to them as ‘good bacteria’. Our solutions enable food manufacturers to produce more with less – while also reducing the use of chemicals and other synthetic additives – which make our products highly relevant in today’s world. We have been delivering value to our partners – and, ultimately, end consumers worldwide – for over 140 years. We are proud that more than one billion people consume products containing our natural ingredients every day. Revenue in the 2017/18 financial year was EUR 1,097 million. Chr. Hansen was founded in 1874 and is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen.

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