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Canadian Maple Leaf strong MapleStory

Canadian Maple Leaf gun plus fast accurate gun.fast gun speed is faster. After the 51 are also very easy to use. Recommend a Maple Leaf gun with 60% or 10% rushed 85 attack. I was using is 85 attack, of course, this is difficult. 80 attack on the good. Washed with 60% more than 70 is required. Training with the Dragon Yan Yuedao spear. 80 attack on the line (plus over volume). Are just fine. 51 After the upgrade is more difficult. There are two options 1. Daguai 2. Doing goddess tower team tasks. Both have drawbacks. Daguai very expensive, the task may not be willing to brush off the first 5000 experience, the whole brush off very slow. I'm my own person leveling the stone in the forest to play 60 hit the first hurdle was that I did not brush heaven. The two practice it with you. But the goddess of the whole tower brush off worries about the cape mission. 70 at hand. Skills, accurate gun (spear) is full speed gun (spear) is full. Then over the flame. Plus anti-polar or 4 8 4 Ultimate Ultimate spear gun. Equipment to use the Maple Leaf gun, the Dragon Yanyue Dao. Not more than 40 shops selling clothes, you can receive. 50 received, 60 of the hard to read. Anyway, the goddess of the tower more than 60 missions brush off 5000 first experience of need Daguai. 50, rich, large tasks that can be played to finish the tie bar head hit a bar. Bar head very interesting! 15 force-sensitive intellectual property against Mofang 150 shipped. Cool. I was mixed on the bar to 71 head. Turn it to 70 on three. Three instructors play in a lot of spare time to bring a lot of eel or ice and vitality Shenshui Bang Bang. Instructors did not tie in head injury avatar magic about 2000 + blood. Did not have to tie head 1900 +. Are similar. Snowy cliff in the second most sacred sites on a wooden door in the. More than those few Dark Crystal. I answered the wrong question 8. Well, they're out of luck. Three turn, then I do not know how practicing. I am now open suction strange strange stupid hanging hanging hanging invincible, and with some money to buy a white snowman yard, hitting the lion in the dark, want to play 80 with a monthly Shendao (spear). 70 103 equipment is best to use the Silver Dragon and Yellow Dragon attack. I use 105 to conquer. Before adding unique and good practice. I practiced like this: the peerless keys pressed with stones to suppress the afternoon. Because of the automatic white snowman also bought the skills to make magic. So red, blue Do not worry. Once I press and hold the key to unparalleled worked hard. 1 point from 5 points and write for two hours watched cartoons. A look at the computer. Oh, rose to 71 out! Look at the equipment. Sent 2 lines full backpack. I did not hit the bag before the two-line equipment. This is a lot of equipment, not a fighter! 80 Master of shoes more. The sale sold more than 3000W. Too cool! That did not hit the Moon. Write here. I also finished. After a long road. The soldiers want to read this article, have been able to shoot faster upgrades. Can come to me. Continental Light Gold Mine Kuanglong Ji Meng call waiting the arrival of fact, you play the beginning to the end of this occupation have no need to use the best equipment, ordinary equipment to OK. Value of 70 before the addition of capacity is a power to add 70 Agility 5, the capacity value is changed back to 5 points, taking into account the long bones of at least 190 are added to the 100 hit so basic agility on it, everything else is to rely on equipment to add the phrase. This is enough.maple story meso 1 to 10. Rose to 10 in the Holy Land before this goes without saying. Necessary to turn pro. 10 to 25. After the striker 10 to spruce the village to kill pigs or bright, green mushroom immediate concern 25. Skills: the first crack to fill a hundred punches and fast action. The most Houjia Lei wizard, add a half months is not recommended. 25 ~ 35. After this relatively easy to upgrade, do not go to the city to kill thorn forest mushrooms and zombie mushrooms, and many people no place to hang. Go to the desert can be found easily blame the killing, but the plains, where large, and no people. 25 kill the scorpions, then to 29 went to the desert in front of the hidden map to kill the dwarves, immediate concern 35. Crack is still a hundred kill slower. At this time 2 turn, increase the number of points left gallop. To 3 because all of the previous attack skills transfer is basically waste, because the professional use around 3 million to fight so to fill the crack. Skills: first strengthening the body over - and with precision (you can hit enough without first) - the rapid punches (to speed up Daguai time) - the energy gain - thunder - accustomed to the bone - there can be no useless energy burst, and the remaining 11 10 points can be added to a gallop on skills transfer. 35 ~ 55. They can turn the place, kill Heiyao Miao Miao. At this time enough to hit, the immediate concern 45. And then go kill the nut to 50 sub-areas have been or continue to hang. You can also turn to hang the blue nut. Gareth has been playing the wizard Yinguai hundred cracking. 55 ~ 70. Comparing this stage a long time to hang Lloyd and Lloyd chloride. As a line of people hanging in there, about 3 more full of people, who hung up and surprise is still a hundred crack to play, so very slow and easy to grab people. 70 very slow to upgrade the former Raider and a half million plus crack so little controversial, in the end is to destroy the. 70 ~ 100. After 70 you can walk around on the big changes in the environment or be asked to continue to use the shark wave here and chlorinated to kill Lloyd Lloyd to 75, killing 201 ha bored and go for a special plug. So is a straight line because we have interests. First wave is definitely full of sharks, has been immediate concern here in the 201 class 100. Sharks over the first - and then kill and 2:1 fill flash, fill up the next time you keep the 20 points. To 100 after taking boxing skills to fill the speed of light. Fill light to metamorphosis. 100 ~ 120. 20 points to fill the speed of light as boxing, and more than 2,600 attacks on ordinary equipment could go to Dragon Forest 2 seconds a dragon rhinoceros. I remember Gareth Ming to second, that guy afraid of electricity. Basic can be seconds, hit 135 to 120 can be hung here. Fist full of light could be added after the full incarnations since turned the speed of light can be used after the punch and the same speed can be added to 140%. Plus anti-40 and Mofang 40, plus you can use the full 240 seconds after the time interval should be 2 minutes. This will soon be able to 120 the Brush rhino dragon. Summary: surprise began to attack the basic skills is not important as long as the secondary skills can not drain, the main skills are transferred mainly have three main groups and single-attack shark attack speed of light. So no need to debate what additional skills in front of the main attack.maple story mesos Effort and the general surprise surprise who have nothing controversial, is good as long as you have the money and equipment can only add 50 agility or without, the other by equipment also available. Boxing speed of light is too sick, can you imagine a 100 did not bar the ordinary equipment, the surprise first not ronin 2 seconds in the Long Forest rhino dragon?Island more popular career. I am the light of the mainland gold mine 71 Dragon Knight. I would like to experience since my leveling to share with you, after all, I was a junior high school students, wrong place, please understanding. First, look for the AP points. Now do not shake point, save a big trouble. But I was still playing. maplestory mesosI first look for the quick. Most agile warrior friends headache. Why? 1. Agility more waste, no Cadogan can not leveling 2. In other occupations, the high hit rate than soldiers. Mages and archers in particular. Master did not agile, according to the darkness of the play. Archer it? They will attack agile, high hit rate, of course. Therefore, the soldiers of the agile recommended before 70 added 80. Do not over 100.80 so can hitting the lion, and adds a waste. Of course, this is to wear the equipment plus the power for people who wear may have to add less than 70 agility. I do not know, because I was wearing plus power. 1-10 grade nothing to say. In Rainbow Island, spent mushroom abuse. 10 tribes after the transfer finished playing the warrior tree. Shooter also want to go. I was playing the tree, black tree, the tree hit the ax 16, was out of the warrior tribe. 1-16 Warriors beat the best in the tree. 5 Life Skills restore point no dispute then a storm of 10 life-enhancing. Equipment because of the 10 systems presented 100,000. Therefore, shoes, underwear, all under one roof. Weapons guns. (Nonsense, Dragoon or Dragoon you do not have guns?) 16-20 can go to waste is playing Lanshui Ling, but it wound blood. Doctrine to fight the octopus can fall quickly to the 20 the. All-Canadian group attacking skills. Someone asked, why not strengthen the attack? Over a bit of a storm. Retort: did not storm again strong group of attacking the multi-ah. Or group attacking good. After going 20 holes to play magic thorn tree woods mushrooms and green mushrooms. Why not Mayi Dong it? 1. Topography well, accidentally fell into the bottom. 2. A mage to play back and forth. Stronger than you think you could? 3. Have archers, Feifei the bottom card in place to fight, they use terrain. But simply grab. At this time, if there are large, and to buy 20 sheets of white Kendo service +10 100% or 60% of the volume agile body armor. More point and then quick, hit nearly enough, you can do the task team Abandoned, no large tree holes hit 25 again in the. Skill points to fill the group attacking strengthen attack. 25 are the team to do the task of waste, dispose of 20 kendo suits, bought 25 of the officers. 30 to be transferred. Dedicated to sparking wild boar and monkeys, plus complete quick if the black robes sensitive volume should be enough, life does not have to eat traditional Chinese medicine. 30 beads is not difficult to play but have to take 100 + bottles of blood. 2 transferred, Dragoon Road began. Skill points, there are two additions: 1. Single-repair 2. Shuangxiu recommended and spiritual development, because Shuangxiu able to switch the gun to maximize the company and unparalleled. In this talk about spiritual development, because I am a spiritual development, plus do not know what a single repair. Continue to do the task team of 30 to 31. Then you can do the carnival, but certainly no one group, find someone with money, no money to toys to kill white mice, or to kill the wind magic one-eyedthree higher than the gun attack. Because the gun is the high barbed spear is cut high, no stability in the three rounds before the cut than the stab attack skills appear before a great chance. After 35 to carnival, someone should set up a group. maplestoryLike to fly 51. During this time accurate spear skill points plus additional finished fast spear, spear filled quickly add precise very anti-gun or 3 plus flame. jungle tree holes. 35 out soon. All-Canadian accurate spear skills. Recommended to take the spear and the spear before the transfer because .