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Systematic signs framework agreement for IT development services with the Danish Ministry of Taxation

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Systematic signs framework agreement for IT development services with the Danish Ministry of Taxation

Supported by COWI and 7N as subcontractors, Systematic can now compete for work under a major framework agreement for IT development services to be supplied to the agencies under the Danish Ministry of Taxation, worth an estimated DKK 3 billion.

The Danish Ministry of Taxation has signed agreements with six IT and consultancy companies under a framework agreement worth an estimated DKK 3 billion. The framework agreement concerns IT development services for the agencies under the ministry for the next four years.

Systematic is one of the six, along with its subcontractors 7N and COWI, to undertake work and provide development assistance within IT development and conversion, commissioning, support and maintenance.

The three companies all have extensive experience of major IT projects and digitisation of the public sector, including from the successful provision of services and consultancy to the Danish Tax Authority, Danish Gambling Authority, Danish Business Authority, Danish Road Directorate, Danish Agricultural Agency, Danish Environmental Protection Agency and KOMBIT (joint project for municipal IT systems).

“Systematic has over 30 years’ experience within the development, supply and running of complex software and eco-systems to the public and private sector. Along with highly-specialised consultants from 7N and COWI, we are well positioned to support the digital transformation the Danish Ministry of Taxation is undergoing,” says Flemming Thomsen, Group Senior Vice President at Systematic.

“We generally regard collaboration with the Ministry as being a long-term strategic partnership, in which we jointly produce innovative digital solutions able to result in measurable reductions in the administrative burden for the public and businesses in Denmark,” says Thomsen.

About COWI

COWI is a leading supplier of IT solutions specialised in integrated GIS functionality and geodata, based on its expertise within engineering, economics and environmental science.

About 7N

7N is a Danish IT consultancy with over 30 years of experience in the recruitment and allocation of the very best consultants within their individual specialist areas for Danish customers undertaking large-scale, complex IT projects. 



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Maia Lindstrøm Sejersen

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