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Systematic solution to support police cooperation in the Schengen Area

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Systematic solution to support police cooperation in the Schengen Area

Software specialists Systematic are to supply the new SIRENE3 IT system to Danish Police, for use when working with forces in the Schengen Area.

When Danish Police exchanges information on wanted criminals and stolen goods with police forces throughout the Schengen Area, it needs an information system able to work internationally.

Systematic supplied such a solution in 2008, called SIRENE2, but new requirements from the EU have made it necessary to develop a new system, able to support police work in the Schengen Area. The contract was once again won by Systematic, and development of SIRENE3 for Danish Police will now proceed in 2021.

“Our collaboration with Danish Police goes back more than two decades, giving us an excellent understanding of the way they work and what they need in terms of IT systems. SIRENE3 will mean fast, efficient and correct processing and information-sharing between different national systems, and we regard it as a considerable vote of confidence to be given the job,” says Flemming Bent Thomsen, Group Senior Vice President in Digital Transformation at Systematic.

The solution gives personnel in Danish Police’s SIRENE office the opportunity to share information and search for fingerprints, photos and other forensic data related to wanted criminals, or to prevent the illegal entry of undesirable individuals, weapons, stolen goods and passports. The office handles all communication, case management and coordination between police forces cooperating under Schengen – including reports to the common information system (SIS) used by the member states.

Integrable systems

SIRENE3 will be based on Systematics’ Synergy Case product, that integrates with other relevant systems used by Danish Police, and the central Schengen information systems. Synergy Case is a standard solution for case management based on Kubernetes container technology and other open-source programs, which can be continuously scaled in line with the needs of Danish Police.

The contract between Danish Police and Systematic calls for setting up, configuration, training, support and maintenance of the solution for seven years, with an option to extend for up to four years.



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The company has approximately 1000+ employees and is headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark, with offices in Copenhagen, Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Romania and the United States.

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Maia Lindstrøm Sejersen

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