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Jonas Werner, founder of Crowd1
Jonas Werner, founder of Crowd1

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The Crowd1 network has grown insanely fast to 30 million member accounts worldwide in just over 2 years. Maybe this is the world's fastest growing network? How do you handle the fact that millions of people believe in what you present and trust that the company you represent holds the key to success? Of course with a great deal of humility, but also with insight and a willingness to change.

There are those who believe that in the best of worlds, all people would make money without having to make an effort, work or take risks. Personally, I am of a different opinion. In my world, I want work, risk-taking and entrepreneurship to pay off. In the time we live in right now, a "second income" has never been more important and needed.

It is high time to release the outdated notion of what network sales are and how they work. Instead, the industry needs to be renewed and developed, which is why we call what we do Crowd Marketing, which is a more fair and correct term for our way of working.

The fact that network sales historically have had a low status is tragically enough and largely due to the fact that it has been a female-dominated industry, but thankfully gender equality is advancing. In addition, small businesses, of which the industry largely consists, have often been treated like stepmothers by both authorities and suppliers. And even here the development is going in the right direction as authorities adapt, and as the networks mobilize and grow strong, more and more suppliers also realize the possibilities.

Today's network industry is also grappling with other challenges. Perhaps the toughest is getting media to convey objective instead of click-friendly messages to their readers. It raises my hackles when I see that they provide space for self-appointed martyrs who, according to their own statements, have invested large sums to get zero back.

Nowhere do I read that they have worked hard, set up sales strategies, booked meetings, webinars or other gatherings to in any way contribute to positive development. Once for all; one cannot invest in network sales. Those who believe that others will do the work for them will fail.

Instead of focusing on the negative, I want to explain what a good and well-built network can achieve and how it actually works. Crowd Marketing and digitization will play a very big role in future sales and there are several reasons for this dynamic development.

The enormous digitalisation boom has linked an iron grip on virtually all activities, and in our quest to think new, right and long-term, we must adapt to the prevailing reality. Network sales are a fantastic phenomenon - if run properly. Crowd Marketing primarily requires four clear focuses:

1. Digital products as these usually have lower overheads, good margins and faster returns. They also have simpler and cheaper distribution which means more efficient and more environmentally friendly logistics.

2. Create close relationships with strong external partners and effectively help them reach markets with their products through an initiated network.

3. Increased direct sales instead of traditional internal network sales; that is, to reach out wider outside the primary network with recommendations of products and services.

4. Fair structure of the network; each representative must earn according to performance and what the person in question has built up - regardless of when he or she joined the network.

The digital products create unique opportunities for people all over the world in developing countries and are important in countries where the distribution of software is catastrophically poorly managed but where mobile and digital development is advancing rapidly. A strong sales organization can in a short time create good conditions for more jobs and the necessary increased prosperity.

In my role, I must be prepared on a daily basis to explain our vision and mission. Something I do with pride and joy when I really know what our industry can achieve, and I begin to see a change of attitude. An extremely fair one as the network's sellers are worthy of being treated with respect regardless of gender, ethnicity or culture. We're not afraid of bullshit either. We stand up for the opportunities that Crowd1 manifests. The successful sales of the future belong to those who work hard and dare to invest. It is high time for the detractors of our industry to rethink and see the opportunities for independent self-sufficiency that Crowd Marketing offers.

Jonas Werner, founder of Crowd1



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