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Site visit to the UN City on Copenhagen, an example of a state of the art building that uses sea water for cooling purposes.
Site visit to the UN City on Copenhagen, an example of a state of the art building that uses sea water for cooling purposes.

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An Indonesian delegation is visiting Denmark to learn how to promote energy efficiency

This week 20 Indonesian experts are visiting Denmark to learn about Danish institutional and technical experiences from the Danish energy transition. The study tour is arranged by the Danish Energy Agency and the Danish Embassy in Jakarta and the visiting delegation consists of representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) and representatives from other Indonesian governmental authorities and industry.

The delegation learned about energy efficiency measures in the power sector, the industry and households. Site visits included Aalborg Portland to showcase one of the world’s most energy efficient cement production sites, Høje-Taastrup municipality to learn about the ESCO model and Nordjylland’s Power Plant, which produce electricity with an efficiency of up to 47% making it a world class example of efficient thermal power production. At the Danish Energy Agency the delegation learned about 40 years of Danish experience with green energy policy including successful policy instruments such as the building code and voluntary agreements with industry.

Energy cooperation between Indonesia and Denmark

Indonesia and Denmark cooperate in a government-to-government cooperation on energy to strengthen the partnership between the two countries and to assist with the so-called “Indonesian Energy revolution”. A recent study supported by the Danish Energy Agency documented that with the current policy mix Indonesia can expect to save 10% of the energy consumption compared to business as usual in 2025, which still falls 7% short of the government’s target of 17% savings.

The Danish-Indonesian cooperation is embedded in a Strategic Sector Cooperation (SSC) programme. The SSC has three main work streams: Energy modelling, integration of renewable energy and energy efficiency. The SSC is a three-year programme from 2016-2018, where Denmark is contributing with technical assistance, policy assistance and practical experiences.

Meeting with Danish technology providers

To wrap up the study tour the delegation met the Danish technology providers at an event hosted by State of Green. The technology providers and their solutions within energy could assist Indonesia to make use of the very large energy efficiency potential available, and thereby help Indonesia to reach their very ambitious EE targets.

Learn more about the Danish-Indonesian Cooperation.

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