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Morten Bæk, DEA Director General, shares his views on a European Energy Union

Director General of the Danish Energy Agency, Morten Bæk, IEA Executive Director, Maria van der Hoeven, and IEA Chief Economist and Director of Global Energy Economics, Fatih Birol were interviewed by China Electric Power News and asked to share their views on European Energy Union. Find Morten Bæk’s answers below.

What do you think of the new Energy Union? What’s the main function to EU members?

Denmark strongly support the establishment of an Energy Union and welcome the ambitious and comprehensive strategy presented by the EU Commission which sets out a vision for the Energy Union and the key actions that have to be taken the next five years. I believe the Energy Union will bring greater energy security, sustainability and competitiveness to the benefit of all EU member states.

After the European commission gave the goal in the Energy Union Package (diversification of Europe’s natural gas market, modernization of electricity market, developing energy efficiency), what challenges would commission and members meet?

From a Danish perspective the Energy Union should focus on eliminating the barriers that exist in achieving the long term goal of a Low Carbon Economy in 2050. To reach the long term goal, Europe needs to pursue an integrated and active energy policy focused on full implementation of the internal energy market, enhanced energy efficiency and deployment of renewable energies. The Internal Energy Market must be at the core of the Energy Union. The EU Commission must also create a transparent and reliable governance system for the 2030 targets that ensures further certainty for investors. In addition, a continued focus should be given to the cost-effective and EU-wide climate policy instruments related to the transport and agricultural sector.

Does it make any influence on China, especially on energy side?

The Energy Union strives towards a better coordinated and more coherent external EU energy policy allowing the EU to speak with one voice. A stronger and more united EU can engage more constructively with China and other partners, to mutual benefit of all.

Chinese president Xi has proposed "One Belt, One Road Strategy". Under this strategy, one of the most important themes is to strengthen international energy cooperation. What do you think of the strategy? Would it make any change or influence on energy cooperation between China and Denmark? 

Denmark fully supports China's wish to strengthen international energy cooperation - both multilaterally and bilaterally. Denmark appreciates China's engagement in important international organizations such as IEA, IRENA and 3GF. The bilateral Sino-Danish energy cooperation has been great success. It has so far focused on establishing Chinese 2050 renewable energy scenarios and on integrating wind into the electricity system in China. The reference has been Denmark's almost 40% of wind in the electricity - and how this is managed without risk to energy security.

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