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Ukraine: Closer toward a methodology on energy efficiency in industry through Ukrainian-Danish workshop

Ukrainian and Danish institutions participated in a successful workshop on the preparation of a methodology on systematic collection of data for monitoring energy efficiency at industrial sub-sector level. The Ukrainian-Danish cooperation is closer to a methodology for collection of data for monitoring energy efficiency due to the discussions at the workshop.

As a part of the Ukrainian-Danish energy cooperation, the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) held a workshop on 17th-18th of May. The focus at the workshop was on energy efficiency in industry, more specifically on the collection of data for monitoring energy efficiency at industrial sub-sector level.

The workshop focused on the main elements of the methodology including national and industry level data, energy efficiency indicators, monitoring, relevant institutions and stakeholder as well as industry motivation for undertaking energy efficiency measures. It is intended that the results of the particular group discussions during the workshop will contribute toward with the preparation of the methodology on systematic collection of data for monitoring the evolution in the efficiency of energy consumption at industrial sub-sector level. The bilateral energy cooperation between Denmark and Ukraine is centered in the Ukrainian Danish Energy Centre (UDEC), which is placed in the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry in Kiev.

Besides UDEC, the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Savings (SAEE), the State Statistics Service of Ukraine (SSSU), and the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) participated in the workshop.

The energy cooperation between Ukraine and Denmark aims to ensure improved data for energy supply and consumption in order to enable Ukraine to create a long-term framework for energy planning and policy. The cooperation covers technical support to the Ukrainian governmental administration within the six main topics:

1. Methodology of long term forecast modelling for national energy balance.
2. Methodology for greenhouse gas registry and UNFCCC reporting.
3. Methodology for monitoring energy efficiency at industrial sub-sector level.
4. Methodology and tools for analysis of integrating renewable energy in regional grids.
5. Methodology and software for energy scenario analyses.
6. Analysis of options for increased use of biomass and biogas in the heat sector.

The workshop primarily addressed the third topic.

For further information about the workshop, please contact Kamilla Kristensen Rai, mail:

Read more about the Ukrainian–Danish energy cooperation here.

About the Ukrainian-Danish energy cooperation, Information material about the Ukrainian-Danish energy cooperation

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