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Kemwell to Build New Liquids Facility in Bangalore

Kemwell has started constructing a new non-sterile liquid facility in Bangalore to meet the region’s increasing demand.  Kemwell is one of India’s largest liquids manufacturers, having been supplying to customers such as GSK and Pfizer for decades. 

Scheduled for completion in May 2011, the plant will double Kemwell’s current capacity to produce 250 million bottles per year, with provisions to increase capacity by another 60 million bottles annually.  The facility will be highly automated and flexible to service both large and small requirements of Kemwell’s current and new customers.  It will also be designed the meet the quality requirements of regulated markets.

In India, Kemwell currently operates between two sites.  With the new facility, all manufacturing will shift to its site in Neelamangala.  The consolidation will reduce costs while maximizing the efficiency of the organization, manufacturing, inventory management and supply chain.

"The move also gives us an opportunity to relook at the entire liquids manufacturing process," said Anurag Bagaria, VP Business Development. "Working with consultants, the new facility is being designed with a lean manufacturing layout, streamlining the manufacturing methods to maximize value and minimize waste in the process.  We are also collaborating with our customers at the design stage itself to ascertain that we meet their needs to the fullest extent possible."

Liquids manufacturing has been one of Kemwell’s core competencies and the plant will benefit from the team’s 25 years of expertise and knowledge.  The new facility will enable Kemwell to supply to its existing customers effectively while positioning the business to meet the regional market's growing demands.  Kemwell has also recently forayed into the large molecule space and is building a new biopharmaceutical facility at the same site in Bangalore in collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany.  It is also expanding its Pharmaceutical Development Labs which are present on this site to meet the contract R&D needs of its existing and new customers.


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About Kemwell Pvt Ltd

Bangalore-based Kemwell Pvt. Ltd. is a leading provider of formulations contract manufacturing and development services for multinational pharmaceutical companies for over 20 years.  From facilities in India and Sweden, Kemwell manufactures tablets, capsules, liquid orals, external drops, ointments, gels and creams. Kemwell’s customers include 5 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world, manufacturing 5 of the top 10 brands in India.  Kemwell’s Pharmaceutical Development Unit provides services in clinical manufacturing and packaging, formulation and analytical development, stability studies, regulatory documentation etc. Kemwell is also building a new biopharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Bangalore in a strategic collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany. With a 100% commitment to pure play contract manufacturing, Kemwell has no branded products of its own in the market, thereby avoiding any conflict of interests with its customers. For more information about Kemwell:


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