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Swedish - Indian contract manufacturer takes a giant leap forward - opening their second pharmaceutical production centre in Sweden

The family owned company group Kemwell Pvt Ltd in India acquired one of Pfizer’s factories in Sweden during 2006 and by this transaction established themselves as a contract manufacturer in the EU market. Owing to strong company development, Kemwell has now decided to increase their production capacity by expanding the production area from 16,000 to 31,000 square meters. The expansion not only makes it possible for the company to increase production of tablets, suppositories and capsules but will also allow the company to expand into other product types.

- Our new pharmaceutical factory will be characterised as a highly automated and flexible facility in order to satisfy the high demands of our existing and future clients within the pharmaceutical business, says Agneta Bergvall. The new facilities also allow for production of other formulations. The company expects production in the new facility to start during 2010.

 - The new pharmaceutical factory in Uppsala gives us unique possibilities. We are very happy that our owners have chosen to expand in Sweden. Our employees have extended experience and are highly competent in the area of large-scale production, adds Agneta Bergvall. Kemwell is today one of the largest pharmaceutical contract manufacturing companies in India and will as a result of this expansion capture a bigger chunk of market share in the European market too, she concludes.

 - The new facility is in accordance with the expansive stage of the company considering the discussions that are taking place with several international pharmaceutical companies. Now we can help our customers become even more competitive by assuming their need for full-scale production. At the same time we are expanding our analytical- and method development and stability studies as well as re-analysis of products for the EU market but manufactured outside EU (so called QP release), Leo Fällgren concludes, Manager of Business Development for Kemwell AB.

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Kemwell AB is a part of the Kemwell Group and the family owned Kemwell Pvt Ltd of India with its’ head office in Bangalore. Kemwell Group is a leading contract manufacturer of pharmaceuticals for global distribution. The company produces pharmaceuticals for five of the ten largest pharmaceutical companies in the world such as GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis and Pfizer. Kemwell Pvt Ltd is already one of the largest contract manufacturers of pharmaceuticals in India with more than 25 years experience. The company has more than 1,000 employees worldwide and will by 2011 have seven production units - five in India and two in Sweden. Kemwell is licensed to develop pharmaceuticals for the American, European, Japanese and Indian markets.

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Agneta Bergvall

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