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Moda-Domains and Fashion-Domains for your Fashion Website or Fashion Blog

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Fashion has always been big business, and these days a huge amount of that business has moved online. From virtual shop windows, to news, reviews and who’s whos, the world of fashion and those who populate it spend as much of their time watching the web as ogling the catwalk.

MODA is an all- encompassing, fashion industry term turned online address, poised to become the fashion capital of the world. Bringing together designers, manufacturers, retailer and customers in one place – to exchange ideas, share creations, make deals and spread the wonderful word of fashion.

Style may always be in fashion but fashion has never been bigger business. The growth of reality TV competitions and the rise of social media have created a boom in the business and a renewed enjoyment of fashion. America’s Next ‘Whatever’ on the one side and user-generated, saving and sharing content websites like Pinterest on the other, have fanned the fashion flames. Celebrity, design, interior design and related areas like beauty, health and fitness have all also seen a renaissance in fashion. Social media’s growing role in the established fashion shows, such as Milan, New York, London and Paris, combines with this grassroots interest to help raise the profile of all things.

The big fashion shows were once solely the domain of the super rich and the super powerful. We’d all have to wait for the photographs to filter down through the fashion titles. Today, with the rise of social media, the cache of the top fashion bloggers has risen almost to the heady heights of the big magazine editors of old. They not only get the front - live streaming - seats, they share them almost instantly with us across a host of social media services like, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Pinterest, to name but a few.

Add to this the latest, most powerful label in fashion: the hashtag. Brands have grabbed hold of hashtags and use them as a powerful tool to tap into a bigger crowd and to build a buzz around their campaigns. Hashtags are multi-purpose and can also be used to aggregate and curate content created and shared by their fans. No surprise, that hashtags in particular – and social media in general – stole the show at this year’s New York Fashion Week.

Go where fashion sits online: . MODA

Moda is a fairly unique and all-encompassing term. It means fashion in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish and Polish. It’s also similar to the word for fashion in many other languages ( mode in French, for instance). If you’re in the rag trade, regardless of what language you speak, it will be a familiar term, especially amongst English, German and French-speaking fashionistas.

Let’s face it. MODA ’s going to be all the rage.

Regardless what area of the fashion business your work in, . MODA is where all the designers, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, brand owners, photographers, event organisers, models, agents, hair, make-up artists and fans hang out online. It’s like being able to bag much sought after front row seats at London, Paris, Milan and New York Fashion Weeks all rolled together into one permanent, virtual venue.

Yes, the moda-domain translates directly from Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, but the word itself is as recognisable to people in the business, and to those who love fashion, as the word Paparazzi is to celebrities.

Even taken in isolation, the Spanish-speaking market is massive, with fashion and clothing already a huge online conversation. With the moda-domain being a very specific TLD, it should have a large uptake amongst existing retailers and trade professionals already online.

Make a bold statement with the moda-domain.

  • Identify your brand as part of the international fashion community
  • Show consumers and professionals the types products and services you
  • support
  • Stand-out in a competitive and diverse industry
  • Set your brand apart from other design professions
  • Respond quickly to tastes and trends across the world
  • The new moda-domain will attract:
  • Organisations and individuals associated with fashion and the fashion
  • industry
  • Fashion and footwear retailers and wholesalers
  • Fashion and footwear manufacturers
  • Fashion designers
  • Fashion-related publishers, content and programming producers
  • Fashion photographers
  • Fashion-centric educational programs
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