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Paper/plastic combinations - Sustainable and authentic

Paper in the lid. Paper in the tray. With or without reclosing system. Covering the entire surface or including freely designable windows. At Scanpack, the Wipak Group presents a broad range of composite solutions made of paper and plastics.

“Consumers expect resources to be handled responsively“, says Dr. Annett Kaeding-Koppers, the Wipak Group’s Sustainability Representative. “This is also reflected in package development“. Paper composites have been Wipak’s early stage answer to the growing trend towards sustainability, thus amending the Wipak portfolio of high quality multi-layer and barrier films with sustainable composite solutions. A selection of these composite concepts is presented by Wipak at Scanpack.

In the “Paper Top“ model e.g., polyester can be replaced by paper as printing carrier. In this case the amount of renewable resources adds up to approx. 35%; the use of fossil raw materials can thus be reduced by approx. 30%. As a product option, paper can be combined with a functional layer that allows A-PET sealing. Recyclable mono material can be used in the bottom web. In the “Paper Bottom“ model, the amount of paper can be as high as 50%, depending on the composite structure.

Furthermore paper can be applied on plastic films across the entire surface, including individually designed windows, or in strips. The supporting plastic layer can be equipped with a barrier to make sure that the composite solution offers the same functionality as a pure plastic package, offering ideal product protection.

One example for this is the “Boxele“. For a sausage specialty produced by the Austrian manufacturer Handl Tyrol, Wipak developed a paper composite including an oval window. The new flowpack which replaces the previously used package made of transparent pergamin is supposed to emphasize the natural character of the sausage. Consumers thus get the usual paper optic and haptic while being able to see the sausage through the window.

Window contour: laser offers new ways of package design

Higher flexibility in the design of paper/plastic composites and increased efficiency are the benefits of a new laser system. Different from conventional mechanical punching, these system use a laser to precisely remove the contours from the paper web. “Our customers now have new options to differentiate themselves from the competition using individually designed windows“, Enrico Riechert, Wipak Walsrode’s Business Development Manager says. “There are also no additional costs since cutting dies no longer have to be produced.“

New marketing approaches

While paper composites are still a niche solution, their market share is growing constantly. Paper composites offer new selling propositions at the POS. Knowing exactly how sustainable a package really is helps companies to get an outstanding market position and to show a high degree of credibility to the customer.

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