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1,000+ published articles — presenting solid scientific support for the DENTSPLY Implants product portfolio

EAO, Copenhagen, Denmark, October 2012 – As promised, DENTSPLY Implants continues their commitment to innovation and clinical evidence. The product portfolio is now supported by more than 1,000 articles, published in renowned, peer-reviewed, scientific journals.

AnnaKarin Lundgren, DDS, PhD, Director Scientific Affairs, DENTSPLY Implants, says:

“Having more than 1,000 scientific articles published in peer-reviewed, well-renowned journals is something that we are very proud of. This means that clinicians can trust us to have well documented products, and feel safe in selecting our products for their patients. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – ninety percent of all dental implant systems available today have no clinical documentation.”

Five-year clinical evidence for early loading of OsseoSpeed™ implants
Three clinical studies have prospectively evaluated 263 OsseoSpeed™ implants, early loaded and placed in both the maxilla and the mandible, in 93 patients. The marginal bone level changes, from loading to five years, range from -0.16 mm to +0.34 mm. All three studies show predictable results after five years and confirm that OsseoSpeed™ implants can be safely used in an early loading protocol in both maxilla and mandible.


  • Schliephake H, Rodiger M, Phillips K, et al. Early loading of surface modified implants in the posterior mandible - 5 year results of an open prospective non-controlled study. J Clin Periodontol 2012;39 (2):188-95.
  • Mertens C, Steveling HG. Early and immediate loading of titanium implants with fluoride-modified surfaces: results of 5-year prospective study. Clin Oral Implants Res 2011;22(12):1354-60.
  • Stanford C, Mellonig J, Wagner W, Dawson D. Five year outcomes of early loaded implants in posterior maxilla. Presented at the Astra Tech World Congress in Gothenburg, Sweden, May 2012.

The OsseoSpeed™ implant is a part of the ASTRA TECH Implant System™.

Newly published data supporting ANKYLOS® TissueCare concept
A clinical study evaluated marginal bone alterations of 69 subcrestally placed ANKYLOS® implants in 50 patients. The study concluded that non-submerged, subcrestally placed ANKYLOS® implants showed stable bone levels where mineralized bone was kept above the implant shoulder in the majority of cases during the 1-year study period.

Donovan A, Fetner A, Koutouzis T, Lundgren T. Crestal bone changes around implants with reduced abutment diameter placed non-submerged and at subcrestal positions: A 1-year radiographic evaluation. J Periodontol 2012;81(3):428-34.

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