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ReactEurope conference summary!

Blog post   •   Jul 10, 2015 13:44 GMT

The beginning

Just like last year Emil, Jocke and Woll went on a trip together, this time the destination was Paris instead of Amsterdam.

The story begins when we leave the plane at Charles de Gaulle and we are meet with a wall of hot air smashing into our vulnerable swedish faces. Sweating like crazy we stumble into the terminal and thank the gods for the A/C that they have there.

After meeting up with Martin from KnowIT Reaktor we hailed a Uber cab, which took far longer to find then a taxi (the airport is huge and french people are generally not that great at speaking english).

We know, we know... getting a Uber in Paris just after the massive attacks [1][2] from other taxi drivers on Uber cars maybe wasn't the smartest choice, but hey, you need to live a little right? :)

Finally arriving at the hotel we find that there are no A/C in our hotel apartment but only one half-broken fan. This is going to be a hard 3 night visit.


It's time for the conference, just in the outskirts of the city center the venue was in the basement of a hotel, nothing fancy but fits the purpose I guess. I imagine Paris to be a hard place to find good venues in.

Some of the takeways from the talks is as follows:

Exploring GraphQL (github)

During the conference they released a technical preview of GraphQL. To quote Facebook

"GraphQL is a data querying language designed to describe the complex, nested data dependencies of modern applications"

Together with Relay, this is going to be a pretty huge performance boost for React and it's been used in production on Facebook for several years now.

Relay (blogpost)

Relay is a new framework from Facebook that will make it so much more efficient to work with React and data fetching from within a component. It's basically a relay service that will take a request from React and then fetch the data from GraphQL in batches to reduce the overhead data that a component receives. This will be big!

The State of Animation in React (github)

Cheng Lou held a very passionate talk about his library React-Motion (link above) where he tries to solve the problem of having to hard-code easing curves and duration in your animations. The demo he held was really nice and a great inspiration booster. Check out the talk here:

React Router (github)

Michael Jackson (yes that is his name) has been working on React Router for a year now and it really seems to add a lot of features to React when it comes to routing, now you can handle everything within React. It also adds a lot of transitions and scroll position when going back and forth between paths.

The end

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    Hi! We've been there - almost forget what the weather was like back then! But the conference itself was very inspiring, wasn't it. Thank you for this recap! Actually we've just published similar summary where we listed the most interesting (in our opinion) speeches at ReactEurope: Feel free to leave a comment!

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    that a good article thanks

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    good confrence in summary

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    Nice article. Thanks guys

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