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20-024-RO Floods in Vietnam (Not Activated)

Care Danmark has submitted an alert on the floods in Vietnam. The DERF was not activated to the alerted crisis because of no avaialbility of DERF funds.

Description of the crisis: Since 6th October, Central Vietnam has been struck by the worst storms since 1999. The disaster continues to unfold. As of 22nd November, floods and landslides directly affected 1.3 million people (of whom 150,000 with pre-existing conditions) and claimed 130 human lives. 290,000 houses were flooded, whilst 30,000 hectares of farmland and 2 million livestock were lost. Particularly vulnerable groups include 36,500 children and 1,900 elderly in remote, mountainous areas and flooded areas still inaccessible to first responders. There is an urgent need for rapid disbursement of lifesaving items and an immediate need for WASH interventions to reduce the risks of waterborne disease outbreaks.


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