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Excitor delivers a Secure Hybrid Container for corporate data and apps on BYOD and corporate devices

DME v4 extends the ability to deliver mobile Business Applications with its AppBox feature Excitor launches DME Version 4 to extend the reach of the corporate container beyond email, to business applications on multiple device types. The solution keeps a secure grip on corporate assets without intruding on a user’s personal applications and data. 

DME AppBox, a new component of DME v4’s Secure Container, enables the secure mobilization of business applications such as SharePoint, Domino, SAP and Oracle, formerly locked behind corporate walls, due to security concerns. Regardless of whether a company is implementing a full Bring your own Device Policy, or simply allowing personal use of corporate owned devices; the need to secure, separate and containerize corporate information from personal, remains. 

DME AppBox is a Hybrid Container, which exploits the build once and deploy anywhere” HTML5 capabilities with extra JavaScript APIs for accessing functionality usually only available to native apps. The Apps run within DME, and no data is leaked outside the Container. Internal websites can be configured to be available securely from the device, without having to set up a VPN connection or similar. The approach also removes the challenge of having to develop and maintain native apps on fragmented and frequently updated mobile OSes. 

DME AppBox is highly configurable, managing the access of defined users to defined applications in defined locations.   As in previous versions, if the device should be lost or stolen, administrators can remotely wipe sensitive data from the device with the click of a button. DME v4 also sees the total revision of the GUI to a more user friendly, simpler interface. 

Andrew Cunningham - Head of Technology at British American Tobacco commented: "Our users want a good mobile experience with feature rich applications. For BAT, security with a good level of flexibility is paramount to their experience. DME is already an approved secure solution for mail, so exploiting this existing infrastructure to reach other applications is of enormous value.  BAT is looking to leverage the new features in DME V4 to reinvent the traditional intranet for a new mobile era, with a corporate app store."

Rene Stockner, CEO of Excitor comments: DME AppBox is a rapid means of delivering corporate mobile portals, corporate App Stores and corporate intranet access.  HTML 5 and the associated development toolkits in the market, such as Sencha Touch*, JQuery mobile* and Dojo Mobile* will deliver a rich user experience, but it does leave open the issue of security. DME AppBox is built to work with and for HTML 5 (and JavaScript) whilst filling the security gaps.


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About Excitor
Excitor is a leading provider of Mobile Device Management solutions. Excitor develops and sells DME (Dynamic Mobile Exchange) to organizations globally. With sales and implementation offices and partners across Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific regions, Excitor is assisting enterprises of all sizes with mobilizing their workforces, and effectively managing their mobile fleets. DME ensures that companies can administer and support many mobile units – centrally and effectively – without compromising security. DME supports all major mobile operating systems, runs on all networks, and is operator-independent.


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