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BFM fitting - New improved flexible connector

New Product Release - SEEFLEX 040E

BFM® Global, manufacturer of the BFM® fitting system, has released a new and improved version of Seeflex polyurethane film used to make BFM® fitting connectors. This new Seeflex will immediately begin to replace Seeflex 040 and Seeflex 400W.

New Seeflex 040E is an ether-based clear polyurethane. This new film is offered in a 0.035” (0.9mm) wall thickness.

Testing conducted by BFM® Global confirms Seeflex 040E is superior to both the original Seeflex 040
and translucent blue Seeflex 400W in terms of:
• Improved strength
• Superior abrasion resistance
• Higher temperature rating
• Better UV resistance
• Greater resistance to mechanical vibration
• Greater resistance to chemical attack
• Greater resistance to liquids

(Please click here to see the TECHNICAL DATA SHEET for more information on Seeflex 040E.)

As Seeflex 040E begins replacing Seeflex 040 and Seeflex 400W, the BFM connector part numbers will not change.
If you currently use translucent blue Seeflex 400W as a designated CIP wash sleeve, the new, clear Seeflex 040E
sleeve will be stamped with the phrase “CIP wash sleeve” so you will be able to differentiate.
As one of the most experienced BFM® fitting distributors, JP Air Tech maintains a large stock
of both Seeflex 040 and Seeflex 400W connectors. We will be shipping all of our Seeflex 040 and Seeflex 400W
existing stock and then transferring over to Seeflex 040E to complete orders as required.
We suggest that you request a sample piece of the new Seeflex 040E from your JP Air Tech sales representative
to familiarize yourself with this new product. BFM® fitting and JP Air Tech are pleased to introduce the new, improved
Seeflex 040E connector. We will make every effort to ensure the change-over is smooth and efficient.
Your feedback is appreciated. Thank you.


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