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Houston producer, composer, DJ, and record label owner Eric Burton aka Rabit visits this year's CLICK Festival
Houston producer, composer, DJ, and record label owner Eric Burton aka Rabit visits this year's CLICK Festival

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CLICK Festival 2018 presents the next three acts: Violence (US), Rabit (US) and Søs Gunver Ryberg (DK)

Following previous week’s announcement of Amnesia Scanner (FI/DE), Moor Mother (US) and FAKA (ZA) the concert program of this year’s festival is taking shape. CLICK Festival 2018 is proud to announce the following three artists on the music program in 2018: Violence (US), Rabit (US) and Søs Gunver Ryberg (DK).

Rabit (US)

Rabit is Houston producer, composer, DJ, and record label owner Eric Burton. Chiseling out a bold vision of sound since 2012 Burton has slowly worked his way to the forefront of an international group of artists seeking to create a fresh and uncompromising perspective on future dance music and the very fabric of the club landscape. Much like his contemporaries – Arca, Lotic and Toxe – Burton combines industrial, hip-hop, noise, and sound collage to foster sonic spaces for the exploration of sexuality, gender, race, embodiment, and injustice. In 2015 Rabit released his debut album, Communion, through NYC’s Tri Angle Records. The album opened opportunities for Rabit to launch Eric Burtons own label Halycyon Veil, a collaborative release with NON’s Chino Amobi as well as an official remix for Björk’s Vulnicura LP for whom he produced the singers latest album ‘Utopia’. Rabit’s latest record, Les Fleurs du Mal, was released in 2017 and we are proud to present him as one of the acts on CLICK Festival 2018.

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Søs Gunver Ryberg (DK) She has a broad performance and production background: live music performances, multichannel recording, multi-channel installation, multi-channel live performances, exhibition works, commissioned productions, dance/performance art, video game music and sound design, studio work, releases, remixes, compositions for theatre, 3D audio walks and art films. Søs Gunver Ryberg has quickly become known for delivering music with an undeniable ‘live’ quality and uncompromising intensity. In Berlin she has performed at the Atonal Festival, Boiler Room and Tresor Club. She performs in a variety of unconventional spaces and exhibits sound installations and has been invited to cities including Rio de Janerio, New York, Skt. Petersburg and Istanbul. She has proved to be an artist capable of flipping between deep dives into sound art and industrial rhythms and techno.

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Violence (US)The Baltimore-born multi-instrumentalist Olin Caprison has since 2010 performed as Violence. In 2012 his debut-album, Reptile/Hand-Me-Downs From Heaven, was released by Steak au Zoo Records followed by a summer tour in Europe. In 2015 Violence toured with Mykki Blanco and Yves Tumor, while he that same year was a featured artist on C-ORE; the premiere compilation of Mykki Blanco's DogFood Music Group. Violence signed in 2016 to Chino Amobi’s music collective NON Worldwide and released ‘A Ruse of Power’ and shifted focus to creating scores for a variety of artist; on several occasions with dramaturge Kandis Williams and Josh Johnson. After another summer tour in Europe, Violence released his most recent album, Human Dust to Fertilize the Impotent Garden with New York based label Purple Tape Pedigree in 2017. The name Violence has to be taken literally as Olin Caprison is interested in the oppressed characters, especially through the history of the United States and other forms of violent behavior between humans. The music is electronic, while the lyrics has a pop-music expression and should lead the thought of a showdown with historical hierarchies, stigmas and archetypes.

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CLICK Festival 2018 takes place from 19 – 20 May 2018 in Elsinore, Denmark.

Earlybird tickets untill 31 January at www.clickfestival.dk

CLICK Festival embraces the future by exploring the field between art, science and technology. Through concerts, exhibitions, talks, workshops and performances we conquer back technology to the arts and invite our audience to draw the new maps. By doing so CLICK introduces the whys, the whats and the wows of tomorrow. Now. CLICK is developed and produced at Kulturværftet in Elsinore, where the festival is being held.

The content is curated by a large co-operation of Danish and foreign competences of artists, scientists, students and professionals working with larger and smaller unions, educations and companies. These group members are elected and curated by the administrators of the festival program and hold a close dialogue to their respective networks.


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