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Red Bull Romaniacs – Prologue

Red Bull Romaniacs – Prologue update
A challenging  Prologue, soaked by a thunderstorm just before the start was dominated by Graham Jarvis.
Sibiu, Romania, July 16th, 2011 – Graham Jarvis, Chris Birch and Paul Bolton nailed the finals in the short and very competitive races in pouring rain. After several days of scorching heat and a qualification for the prologue in beautiful weather, many thought that the brutal heat would be the main adversary of the riders, but... thunderstorms moved in and just before the kick-off of the prologue, the track became soaked in water. This neither impressed the riders nor the thousands of spectators who came to celebrate the sport of Extreme-Enduro.
But the "worst enemy” or best friend of the riders, depending on their love/hate for man-made obstacles, was Andy, our "Prologue mastermind”.  With 40 tons of stone, 50 cubic meters of logs, 30 cubic meters of sand and tons of used tires he built another inner-city Prologue that kept our competitors on their toes. The riders were impressed and challenged with the track, the Hobby-Class riders naturally faced a bigger challenge then the Pros but adjusted well to the changing weather conditions. With the rain setting in, the challenge certainly went up a few notches, but this is what our riders signed up for, states Andy.

Martin "Frejn”: I am very pleased with the event today, the Live-HD-Video cast has been a huge additional burden and challenge for us organizers  - but it was certainly worth it: XYZ fans followed the Prologue live and celebrated the Enduro-sport with the riders. We are extremely happy that we did not have any injuries and wish all riders loads of fun and good luck for the race starting tomorrow.
PRO Class
Jarvis Graham ENG 2
Bolton Paul GBR 4
Birch Chris NZL 1
Trial Class
1 Philipp Scholz GER 52
2 Stefan Zwerenz GER 51
Expert Single Class
1 Gavin Johnston Gavin SCO 108
2 Shane Moss AUS 129
3 Pascal Berlingieri BEL 106
Expert Team Class
1 Enrico Maria          Garavelli ITA 207
2 Schrock Stefan ITA 208
3 Daniel Conopan ROU 201
Hobby Single Class:
1 Andreas Paragios GRE 345
2 Ernst            Hostettler CH 320
3 Jason Ecclestone  AUS 313
Hobby Team Class
1 Riho Kollist EST 407
2 Krisztian Nagy ROU 445
3 Robbie Head SCO 426
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