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At EA's press conference at E3 2016, several upcoming Star Wars games were briefly buy swtor credits cheap teased, as well as the news that Star Wars: Battlefront would be receiving additional content is based on the new Star Wars films. You can watch the video shown at E3, titled "Star Wars: A Look Ahead" above.

There wasn't much in the way of specific details, but a game from Amy Hennig and Visceral Games is planned for 2018, and will feature a completely original narrative and characters. The gif below is taken from a few seconds of early footage of the game.

Respawn Entertainment is also working on a Star Wars game, a 3rd person action adventure, though no date or further details were provided.

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Take on missions, operations and create your own Legacy! Will you side with the Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire? Will you play a Bounty Hunter, Jedi Knight, Sith Warrior or Smuggler? Will your character be inherently good or will you give in to the Dark Side of the Force? Whichever patch you choose, it'll be much easier with heaps of SWTOR Credits from Swtor2credits.

Get a first look at The Gemini Deception Teaser Trailer here.

BioWare? and Lucasfilm today announced details of the latest chapter in the episodic storyline of Star Wars?: The Old Republic? – Knights of the Fallen Empire. The GEMINI Deception will be available for Early Access on June 28* and to all Star Wars: The Old Republic players starting June 30.

In this new chapter, prepare to lead your Alliance in the ultimate assault to land a fatal blow against the Eternal Empire. Alongside the mysterious and deadly Droid SCORPIO, the Outlander’s team must infiltrate a Zakuulan warship and face Arcann’s formidable force of elite soldiers. When the mission goes awry, the Outlander must find a way out of a deadly trap – only to be faced with the ultimate betrayal.

Players of Star Wars: The Old Republic can play Knights of the Fallen Empire from Chapter 1 through the current chapter, The GEMINI Deception, for free** as a Subscriber. Additionally, as part of the Subscriber Rewards Program, those subscribed by July 1 will receive an in-game HK-55 Victory Stronghold Decoration*, inspired by the legendary Assassin Droid.

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