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Shape is once again in the running for this year’s Lovie awards in three different categories.
Shape is once again in the running for this year’s Lovie awards in three different categories.

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Shape Earns Esteemed Recognition with 5 Entries at the 13th Annual Lovie Awards

Shape is once again in the running for this year’s Lovie awards in three different categories. The company has secured positions for three finalists and two shortlisted apps, amplifying its prominence in the digital landscape.

Allan Aurelius, Creative Director of Shape, shared, "This marks the 6th year with Finalists and Shortlists at the Lovie Awards. Having 5 of our products recognised, from eCommerce to User Experience, signifies our unwavering commitment to our clients and to deliver world-class user experiences. These recognitions really remind ourselves that hard work pays off, and we love the fuel it brings to our ambition."

The Lovie Awards, presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), is the most prestigious honour in Europe for excellence across websites, online advertising, internet video, mobile sites, apps & podcasts, and social. This year was the Lovie Awards’ most competitive season yet, with nearly 1,200 entries from 30 countries.

OK: The Car Owner’s Digital Cockpit – Nominated for Best User Experience in Apps, Platforms & Software

Acknowledged as the car owner's best friend, the OK app stands at the forefront of the mobility market's digital evolution. With numerous accolades under its belt year on year and unprecedented high user ratings, it truly confirms the importance of a great user experience and the transformation it can bring to our partners.

Ally: Creating a Bigger Narrative – Nominated in News & Entertainment in Apps, Platforms & Software

Ally is pioneering the transformation of traditional media into the digital age. Through a significant shift in its business model, the app aligns with the recent trend where 85% of Danish individuals aged 16-75 consumes media online.

Solar Mobile: Easy Ordering on the Go – Nominated in Shopping & E-Commerce in Apps, Platforms & Software

Solar Mobile has witnessed a staggering 336% increase in orders since 2019 and generated over 1 billion DKK in 2021 alone. Serving as a comprehensive hub for craftsmen with over a million products, the platform not only endorses its concept goods but also introduces an innovative product list, redefining UI standards for long-tail business models.

Shortlisted Achievements:

  • TV2 Regions - The 7 Flavours of Local News is a standout in the News & Entertainment in Apps, Platforms & Software category.
  • Atos MyLife - Designed to simplify life for those with neck stoma, this app has been shortlisted in the Health, Wellness & Lifestyle in Apps, Platforms & Software category.

You can show support for Shape by casting your vote for the People’s Lovie Award until 12 October at vote.lovieawards.com.

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About Shape

Shape is an award-winning native mobile application development studio based in Copenhagen. Shape is known for building high-quality mobile apps that tackle real problems and push businesses forward. Their apps have an average user rating of 4.4 out of 300.000+ reviews.

About The Lovie Awards

The mission of The Lovie Awards is to recognise the unique and resonant nature of the European internet community—from Europeʼs top digital and creative agencies and content publishers to cultural and political organisations and individual creators. Now in its thirteenth year, The Lovie Awards continues to celebrate the most resonant and pertinent stories in Europe. With over 1,200 entries from over 30 countries, the Awards reflect the tremendous growth of the internet as a tool for business and everyday lives. Work in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and Dutch can be entered in six main category types: Websites, Video, Advertising, Apps, Mobile & Voice, Podcasts, Social and Web3, NFTs & Metaverse. More information at lovieawards.com.


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