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Mobile App Trends 2024 Report Based on Denmark's Largest App Usage Study
Mobile App Trends 2024 Report Based on Denmark's Largest App Usage Study

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Shape Unveils Mobile App Trends 2024 Report Based on Denmark's Largest App Usage Study

Shape, one of Denmark’s leading mobile app development studios, is proud to announce the release of their Mobile App Trends 2024 report. Derived from one of the most extensive surveys on app usage in Denmark, this report offers unparalleled insights into the factors driving app success and user engagement in the dynamic world of mobile apps.

Villads Riber Mink, Commercial Director at Shape states, “For a long time, app store ratings have been one of the main tools for quantitatively qualifying the success of an app. We felt the need for a deeper level of quantifiable insights into what drives the success of an app. So, we created a model based on this survey to help map out flaws and untapped potential and as a means of comparison in a very competitive market.”

Leveraging Unprecedented App Data Insights: A Deep Dive into User-Centric App Development

Mobile App Trends 2024 is the culmination of a comprehensive survey conducted, involving over 3000 Danish individuals aged between 18 and 70. This study stands as one of the largest on app usage in Denmark, providing a wealth of quantifiable insights to shape the future of app development.

The Recipe for the Most Successful Apps

The "Mobile App Trends 2024" report extracts critical factors that make an app indispensable in today’s digital landscape. According to the findings, 'Simplifying daily life' is the paramount driver, with 14% of users identifying it as the key to a good app. This is followed closely by 'Great content' commanding 13% of user opinion respectively. 'Easy to use', 'Reliability' and 'Relevant notifications' also play crucial roles, each highlighted by 11% of respondents.

Villads Riber Mink, Commercial Director at Shape, reflects on the results, "This data empowers developers and businesses to pinpoint exactly what users crave in their digital experiences. It’s not just about the number of features – it’s about delivering seamless utility and relevant content in a user-friendly package."

The report also ranks the top apps according to Danish users, with MobilePay and Kørekortet leading the pack, emphasising that success is not contingent on complex features but on fulfilling user needs effectively. These apps, along with Mofibo, Kemiluppen, and OK, demonstrate that Danish users value apps that not only streamline their activities but also enrich their lives with quality content and services.

The Intersection of Reliability and User Loyalty

Shape's "Mobile App Trends 2024" report provides an essential deep-dive into the metrics of app success, revealing a direct correlation between app reliability and user loyalty across various sectors. The comprehensive analysis within the report underscores the vital role of reliable app performance in fostering a sustainable revenue stream and maintaining a competitive edge.

"Our extensive research confirms that app reliability is the backbone of user loyalty," states Villads Riber Mink, Commercial Director at Shape. "In sectors like Banking & Payment, where reliability scores are highest, we see a parallel of high user retention and trust, which are critical for ongoing business success."

The report highlights the Reliability Sector Score, showing that Banking & Payment apps lead the rankings, with Public Apps and Fashion & Interior Design sectors also scoring high on reliability. Conversely, sectors like Social Media trail behind, suggesting a significant opportunity for apps within these categories to bolster their reliability and, by extension, their user loyalty and market share.

Furthermore, the report delves into the critical factors that contribute to app reliability — technical robustness and service credibility. Technical stability ensures that an app consistently delivers its intended functionality, while service credibility encompasses user trust, privacy, and accurate information dissemination.

The "Mobile App Trends 2024" report not only identifies the pain points but also offers actionable strategies for improving reliability and by extension, user loyalty. From choosing native development for better stability to adhering to data privacy best practices, the report provides a roadmap for businesses to enhance their app offerings and solidify their user base.

For those seeking to navigate the complexities of app development with an eye towards creating long-lasting user relationships, Shape's "Mobile App Trends 2024" report is an indispensable resource.

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In 2023 Shape joined forces with Waterland Private Equity and leading Swedish app agency Bontouch with a joint ambition to create the leading digital product agency worldwide. Today the group consists of more than 400 employees across offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Zurich, New York, London, Åre, Östersund and Kalmar.


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