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TotalEnergies is the largest oil and gas operator in Denmark. Its biggest partnership is the Danish Underground Consortium (DUC) where 85% of the oil and 97% of the gas export in the country stems from. This adds an important contribution to Denmark’s economy, energy supply and employment.

TotalEnergies is Denmark’s largest upstream operator

TotalEnergies produces a mixture of oil and gas oil from 15 fields in Denmark. The oil and gas reservoirs in the Danish North Sea are characterised by high-porosity, low-permeability chalk. First oil production from the Dan Field began in 1972. Since then, 14 other fields have been brought on stream: Gorm, Tyra, Dan & Halfdan. A third-party field, Trym, in the Norwegian North Sea, has been tied-in to Harald’s infrastructure.

TotalEnergies, as operator is undertaking the full redevelopment of Tyra as Denmark’s major gas hub, and in the process extending the life of the Danish North Sea. Tyra is the centre of Denmark’s national energy infrastructure, processing 90% of the nation’s gas production. The redevelopment of Tyra ensures continued production from Denmark’s largest gas field, and will protect important Danish North Sea infrastructure.

TotalEnergies and the Danish Underground Consortium (DUC) have approved an investment of approximately 21bn DKK in the full redevelopment of the Tyra Gas field. This represents the largest project investment ever made in the Danish North Sea, enabling Tyra to continue operations for at least 25 years.

TotalEnergies Nordic, a full range of products and services

TotalEnergies Nordic is part of TotalEnergies Marketing & Services. With its Head-Office in Copenhagen, it has operations in all Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland) and operates four affiliates.

Total Nordic has been a significant player in the Nordics for the last 30 years, offering a full range of customized services and advanced product solutions in four main business activities: lubricants for automotive and Industry, aviation (in Copenhagen and Oslo airports), bitumen, special fluids.

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