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Johanna Ahlberg

Johanna Ahlberg

Press contact Head of Marketing and Communication +46 (0) 725 399 751

We help healthcare providers to digitalise the patient journey

Doctrin was founded in 2016, with the purpose to radically improve healthcare using automation and intelligent digitalisation.

We have developed digital tools that automate parts of the patient journey. This reduces the administrative burden and helps the healthcare provider to free up resources, so that doctors and healthcare professionals can spend more time on patient care.

At Doctrin, technical developers work closely with doctors who have broad medical expertise, and an understanding of the healthcare provider's reality.

Today, our tools are used by some of the largest healthcare providers in Sweden and we have collaborations with several regions and county councils. The results are shorter waiting-times, better quality of care, reduced costs, happier healthcare staff and satisfied patients.

Gävlegatan 22
113 30 Stockholm
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