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A PAN-CAR(e)tainer used for moving concept cars by air. (Photo by Panalpina)
A PAN-CAR(e)tainer used for moving concept cars by air. (Photo by Panalpina)

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How to transport concept cars and what is a car clinic anyway?

A car clinic is a market research instrument of the automotive industry where test vehicles are presented in a studio or a closed test track together with corresponding competitor models. The test car is usually a prototype that is road-worthy down to the last detail and does not differ much from the planned production line.

Car clinics are used by manufacturers to present concept cars to limited audiences and receive their feedback. This allows them to assess design concepts and define solutions for the interior considering potential consumer groups in different cultures and market segments before product launch. Strict secrecy must be maintained.

One of four top secret models being loaded onto an MD-11 cargo airplane for an intercontinental tour. (Photo by Panalpina)

Under the scope of industry vertical Automotive, we often transport top secret prototypes between design and test centers, mainly in Europe, America, and Asia, for the world’s leading automotive companies. The service includes vehicle placement at multiple events, which can occur in rapid succession due to the tight schedules preceding a new model launch.

The cars are shipped by air to meet the strict timelines while maintaining confidentiality. Panalpina’s PAN-CAR(e)tainers are used to safely mobilize and protect the secret models from unwanted publicity.

A PAN-CAR(e)tainer carrying a concept car as it enters the aircraft cargo hold. (Photo by Panalpina)



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