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"We are very happy to receive the award",  says customer relations manager, Erik Biemans.  Here pictured with Director, Ton Blom and DSV MCF employees in a DSV warehouse.
"We are very happy to receive the award", says customer relations manager, Erik Biemans. Here pictured with Director, Ton Blom and DSV MCF employees in a DSV warehouse.

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Voted best fulfilment specialist for the 5th time in a row

One of the main reasons for the top-rating was the price/quality ratio and the flexibility of the team operating out of Moerdijk, the Netherlands. Erik Biemans, customer relations and call centre manager at DSV Multi-channel Fulfilment, explains the success:

“In our specialised business, it's not just about low costs, but also about high quality. Because of this focus on quality, customers often end up getting more for less”.

Together with the research agency Motivation, Emerce analyses and rates the performance of service providers in e-business every year. Hundreds of companies are judged by decision-makers within e-commerce, and the results appear in Emerce100, a special issue of the trade journal.

In the fulfilment warehousing category, DSV Multi-channel Fulfilment (DSV MCF) once again took top spot, just as they did in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

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Team recognition

“We are very happy to receive the award, mainly because of the way in which the ranking is done", says Erik Biemans. “This is an independent survey among service users and the ranking reflects their judgement of our performance.”

A great list to top

The top-ranking is more than just an honourable mention. Many companies looking for a service provider for their e-business activities consult this list. They compile their shortlist from the companies at the top.

“Some five years ago, we saw customers knocking at our door after seeing our name in Emerce100. Many more companies now know how to find us via this route,” says Biemans.

Emerce100 mentions price/quality ratio and flexibility as DSV’s particular strengths. The last-mentioned quality is demonstrated by the way DSV MCF organises shipping. Most fulfilment companies rely on one or two large package carriers. DSV MCF engages with customers and their customers to find the best last-mile solution for them. That means they often provide a combination of different shipping solutions.

Creating links between systems that go beyond API or EDI is another area in which DSV MCF works hard to satisfy customers: “If an application has an export option, then a link can be created, and we’re able to create very smart solutions”, Erik Biemans finishes.

Good value for money

Another strong point is the broad range of services. Companies come to DSV MCF for warehousing and product fulfilment, but also for customer service, financial fulfilment and IT solutions. It is precisely because of this broad range of services that the DSV MCF team is able to offer such a good price/quality ratio.

“Because we offer a complete, integrated service, we can guarantee high quality throughout the entire order chain. Maybe competitors offer a lower rate for fulfilment only, but in the end, customers mostly find we provide the most value for money”.

Strategising to keep the top spot

What will DSV MCF do to ensure yet another top-ranking next year? “We’re are starting to really see the synergy effects from joining the DSV Group last year,” Biemans states.

“We now have access to an almost unlimited number of square meters of warehouse space; and we benefit from DSV's import and export expertise and from a hugely expanded European network. Our purchasing power has also increased significantly. Under the wings of DSV, we can only get bigger and better".

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