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Dynamic Code wins the prize for the growth company of the year

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Dynamic Code wins the prize for the growth company of the year

Dynamic Code wins in the category of “Growth company of the year” at the Nordic entrepreneur competition Techarenan Challenge 2020 held at Berns Salonger in Stockholm.

The jury’s explanatory statement reads:
This company has affected great change in the healthcare sector by filling in a missing piece of the healthcare puzzle – distance diagnosis. This company has developed a unique technological platform and has made a recent breakthrough in its field. The jury feels that this is a company that will grow exponentially in the future.

"We are hugely proud and happy to have won this prestigious competition. Being awarded this prize proves to us that we are on the right path and that the market for e-health is growing. “I think that this prize can, among other things, make people realise that they can achieve more control over their health,” says Anne Kihlgren, the CEO for Dynamic Code.

The jury selected 50 finalists from just over 450 applications in this year’s competition. Companies from all over Scandinavia participated in this year’s competition. The finalists were from various sectors including environmental technology, medical technology, e-health, financial technology, educational technology and mobility.

“The healthcare revolution has only just begun. We have increased our capital by SEK 60 million this spring and we feel even more passionate to continue investing in the market and increase our product portfolio by developing our range of health and diagnostic tests” continues Anne Kihlgren.

In the other two categories, Grace Health won the title “start-up of the year” and Exeger won the ”Industry” prize.

About the competition
The Techarenan Challenge is a yearly entrepreneurial competition open to all Swedish and Scandinavian entrepreneur-led companies in the start-up and growth phase of their companies, regardless of the industry. The purpose of the competition is to highlight entrepreneurship and give the company founders an opportunity to gain coverage in the national arena. Another purpose of the company is to show that Sweden is full of innovative companies of the future that change, improve and develop their respective industries on a global level, as well as bringing entrepreneurs, company leaders, investors, politics and experts together. If there are conflicts of interest during jury deliberation, the jury member in question must forfeit their vote.

About Techarenan
Techarenan was founded in 2014 and its goal was to elevate entrepreneurship and innovation as well as inspire more individuals to get involved and contribute to the growth of new companies with global potential. Today, Techarenan is a platform and arena for entrepreneurs, industry, investors, politicians and thinkers to meet, create collaborations, do business and build networks. Their ambition is to continue building a platform with a focus on creating value for Nordic start-ups and growth companies that change, improve and develop their respective industries on a global level

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Louise Nylén

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