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New: Stressless® Rome - a redefined sitting experience

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New: Stressless® Rome - a redefined sitting experience

Designed to fit the body and please the eye

The human body and its need for movement, variation and proper support while sitting is the inspiration behind the Stressless® Rome series by Norwegian furniture brand Stressless®. It speaks to a modern and design-conscious audience with its generous and invitingly soft design.

The Stressless® Rome series has been developed and designed in close collaboration with Eggs Design, an independent innovation consultancy which helps businesses to craft new products, services and transformations. They collected qualitative consumer and market data from Norway, Germany and the US, and paired their findings with Stressless' more than 50 years of experience in creating the ultimate seating experience. Key insights from this research concluded that comfort for both the body and the eye were of equal importance.

Design Manager at Stressless, Jeanette Løining, expands on the cooperation with Eggs Design:

We wanted to learn more about consumer needs and working with Eggs Design has proven invaluable on this project. Together we have created a new series in a holistic design language which plays on both existing and new Stressless® design elements that are durable for both relaxation and work. We are delighted with the Stressless® Rome series; it redefines our DNA in how we combine comfort and aesthetics.

According to insights: lumbar support is the most important comfort feature

Thanks to its invitingly round and soft shape, the Stressless® Rome chair can be placed freely in a room. The wide, enclosing back creates a private sphere and makes movement easy while sitting in the chair. The back of the chair has just a simple marking of one of the essential ergonomic benefits, the lumbar support, which is also the single most important comfort feature according to Eggs Design’s findings. The chair incorporates the patented Stressless® Plus™-system that adjusts to ensure the correct head, neck and lumbar support, providing ultimate comfort for the body.

Stressless® Rome chair combines work and body relaxation

The pandemic and technological advancement have made working from home possible and even necessary for many people. This has created a need to install a more permanent workplace at home, often in our living space since few of us have that extra room available.

The Stressless® Rome series considers that problem. Both the high back and low back chairs come in a home office variant with wheels and a height-adjustment function, making it possible to combine both work and relaxation in an inviting home office environment.

The Stressless® Rome models

The Stressless® Rome series consists of two high back models which reinterpret the classical wing chair. They both have an adjustable neckrest: the Adjustable Headrest version has a mechanical solution while the high back has an adjustable neck cushion. The Low back chair is easy to place in most rooms and the Home Office variant on wheels will also fit perfectly in your open plan interior.

In addition to the Home Office base, there are three base options with different designs. A new minimalistic Cross foot with soft edges, the Original Stressless circle base and the Star base. They all compliment the inviting design of the chair. All models can be further customized with all Stressless® leather and fabrics and gives you more than 1500 variants to choose between for a perfect fit for your home.


Ekornes designs and manufactures furniture products that are marketed under the brand names Stressless®, Svane® and IMG. Stressless® is one of the world’s most well-known furniture brands, while the brands Ekornes® and Svane® are most famous in Norway. IMG is marketed mainly in the USA and Australia.

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Ekornes is the Nordic region’s largest furniture producer. It is headquartered in Sykkylven, on the west coast of Norway. Ekornes has 19 sales offices in 13 countries and more than 4,000 retail outlets serving 48 markets worldwide.

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