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Empower Finland has achieved the Occupational Safety Level II

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Empower Finland has achieved the Occupational Safety Level II

Empower Finland has achieved the Occupational Safety Level II - Approaching World’s Forefront in 2018. The level rating is awarded by The Vision Zero Forum. 

The Vision Zero Forum, coordinated by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, is a network of workplaces aimed at continuous improvement of occupational safety and well-being and dissemination of good practices.

Empower made good progress towards occupational safety goals in 2018. In particular, Empower's LTA and LWIF numbers in Finland were good last year and thanks to them we increased to level II. In 2018, nine LTA accidents occurred and the LWIF accident rate was 4.0.

– This is a great achievement that we can truly be proud of. However, in safety matters we must constantly work harder for even better occupational safety. Reducing accidents requires the contribution of every employee and our goal is to avoid accidents altogether. At the beginning of each task, every employee needs to identify the safety hazards and think about ways to avoid the risks. At Empower, we do not compromise on occupational safety. However, if accidents do happen, then proper investigation and communication will support learning, says Vesa Rapo, Head of Sustainability and HSE.

Empower will receive the certificate at the Vision Zero Forum’s Turvallisuus on tekoja (Safety is deeds) seminar in Kuopio, Finland on May 21st.



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Empower group Communications

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