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Enforex Spanish Schools Announces Instituto Cervantes Scholarship

[Madrid, Spain] - July 20, 2011 - With such a competitive global economy as we have today, more and more students are looking for a way to gain an edge. This means they want to have a broader set of skills that future employers are likely to value. In an effort to make themselves more globally oriented, many have decided to choose a second language to study. In North America, Spanish is a top choice because quite a number of students in both Canada and the United States are living in a social environment that is heavily composed of native Spanish speakers. Learning in Barcelona, Spain is a popular choice today and with Spanish classes in Barcelona being easier to find, this is a more popular choice now. The good news is that scholarships are more readily available today.

The Instituto Cervantes scholarship is one prime opportunity for students to be able to save money when they study. The program offers a 10 week intensive course of Spanish in Barcelona that can help students discover a more natural course towards understanding Spanish, not just speaking it. With this approach of immersion in the culture, students find it much easier to get themselves educated and on track for much higher skill levels than would have previously been possible. In the competitive world of business today, job candidates with resumes that feature Spanish language training are going to find their opportunities increased dramatically due to such studies.

Students looking to learn more about the latest in Spanish language program scholarships in Barcelona would do well to investigate their opportunities online. "We are very pleased to be working with Instituto Cervantes to be able to offer this scholarship opportunity. In this economic environment, we are making every effort to keep our programs affordable without comprising the academic quality, commented Antonio Anadon, President of ENFOREX Spanish schools. Today it is easy to find Scholarship information at that can greatly benefit students by reducing their costs. This is one way that students can get critical language skills on a budget.

For 20 years, ENFOREX ( has specialized in teaching Spanish as a second language. Each year more than 35,000 students choose to study Spanish at one of Enforex's 28 spanish institutes located throughout Spain and Latin America. ENFOREX is an accredited center of the Instituto Cervantes and has additionally been awarded the CEELE - Certificate for Excellence in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language - by the University of Alcala.

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