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200 test pilots secured ESSBOX success!

When we started developing the ESSBOX System we focused on the real problems faced by craftsmen each day. They needed help to get their expendables and their workday in order.

Our studies showed that 95% of all craftsmen had problems with broken board boxes. 3 out of 4 did not think they had their fasteners under control. 9 out of 10 craftsmen had to interrupt their work because they did not have the right fastener with them! And the waste of fastener products reached SEK 100 million per year in Sweden alone!

”ESSBOX System would solve all of these problems! It was developed in secret over the course of 4 years, but as we were getting closer to the launch we wanted to make sure that we were on the right track,” says Mattias Sebell, Marketing and Marketing Manager at ESSVE. Will the system work the way we planned? Could some details be improved further? In order to find out we turned to 200 test pilots in Sweden and Norway, who are ordinary craftsmen who face these problems daily. We found them through our resellers and through ads in professional magazines.

ESSBOX System is a complete system for storage and transport of fastener products. It consists of a new line of plastic storage boxes and of a newly developed case. The user stocks the case with the right things before each job. Our test pilots used the system for a few months. And we got instant feedback that we were on the right track. As soon as they grasped how the system worked, everybody loved it, and it received a lot of praise. “Awesome! Now I can bring all the screws that I need in one go!” ”Finally a system that is well thought-out!” ”Now there will be no more damp and broken board boxes and screws that come pouring out!” “ESSBOX has made me a more effective carpenter!” Everybody was satisfied to a point that they would happily recommend it to their colleagues.

”The testpilots gave us several clever ideas about what accessories would be useful to the system,” says Product Manager Christofer Lindberg. “At the launch there was a car rack, case rack, neutral labels for relabeling of the boxes and the case, as well as foam padding to create your own tailor made interior that, among other things, is suitable for hand tools.”

 ”Our test pilots were also very helpful in spreading awareness and knowledge of the system to their colleagues”, Mattias continues. “This was an entirely new way of storing and transporting fasteners. It took some explaining and at ESSVE we learned how important it was to present the system in a way that was easy to understand to the users at the launch. It has definitely contributed to the success.”

 ”Having users test new products and solutions has been done before, by us as well, but I don’t think that testing has been done to this extent and this systematically before. Turning to 200 test pilots is something unique, not just to us, but I expect it is new to the entire industry”, Mattias concludes.

A flying start!
ESSBOX System has now optimized the workday for thousands of craftsmen. And the number increases quickly each day. During the first 6 months ESSVE has sold more than 40 000 cases which exceeded all expectations. One of the reasons for the great success is definitely the test pilots who tested the system before the launch.

For furher information:

Mattias Sebell, Marketing and Communication Manager ESSVE,
+46 70 623 28 78,

Christofer Lindberg, Product Manager ESSBOX,
 +46 70 285 19 30,

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About ESSVE:
ESSVE was established in 1970 and is the market leader in the Nordic region in the area of attachment solutions for the builders- and automotive industries. The products range from tiny screws to powerful fasteners for dam construction. ESSVE also offers reliable tools for wood- and metal work to the builders industry and the branch of industry. 225 employees work at the ESSVE offices in nine different countries. ESSVE’s head office is located in Sollentuna, which is a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden, and the central warehouse is located in Ulricehamn, Sweden. Since 2004, ESSVE is a part of the B&B TOOLS-Group.

About B&B TOOLS:
B&B TOOLS is a supplier of industrial essentials and components to the industry- and builders sectors in northern Europe. The Group has an annual turnover of about SEK 7.9 billion and has approximately 2.900 employees.


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