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Essve launches a new WAF screw with a slim profile and superior clamping power

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Essve launches a new WAF screw with a slim profile and superior clamping power

Essve expands its existing range of products for heavy anchoring in wood with a new WAF screw. The design and size of the new screw head provides a superior clamping power, and thanks to fiber cut inserts in the tip there is no need for pre-drilling however the risk of splitting is minimized.

Essve’s new wood screw WAF is made out of hardened carbon steel and has a Silver CorrSeal C4 grade surface treatment, making it suitable for use both indoors and outdoors work.

– Just in time for spring, with all its decking and patio projects we are launching a screw which really simplifies the building of the frame and the joist assembly. The wood screw WAF is a better and stronger alternative than for example french wood screws when it comes to building load-bearing structures. And because of the flat and wide design of the head it provides significantly greater clamping power, says Jörgen Falck, product manager at Essve.

With fiber cut inserts in the tip, pre-drilling is not required, and the risk of splitting is also minimized. The TX-bit bracket creates an optimal grip between the screw and drill bit. The screw thread is suitable for most applications in wood, chipboard, plywood and other board materials. The bottom of the screw head is also designed to fit when applied in beam and column shoes.

– With the wood screw WAF the work becomes easier, safer and more profitable. The wide, round and thin head of the new wood screw provides maximum clamping power but at the same time a very low construction height thanks to the slim profile. This will in many cases eliminate time consuming extra work, such as milling. The slim profile of the head also guarantees a neat looking end result, says Jörgen Falck.

For screws longer than 70 mm, there is an additional cut thread in connection with the wood treads. This is to facilitate the mounting of longer and thicker screws.


Wood screw WAF will be available at your nearest Essve retailer starting April 1st 2015.

Material Hardened carbon steel SAE C10B21
Treatment surface Silver CorrSeal
Corrosivity C4
Minimum ultimate strength (fuk) Min. 500 Mpa
Minimum yield strength (fyk) Min. 350–400 Mpa


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