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Essve launches M-Fusion – Next generation surface treatment for nails

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Essve launches M-Fusion – Next generation surface treatment for nails

Essve introduces M-Fusion, a high-performance and more environmental friendly surface treatment for both loose and collated nails compared to products with classical hot-dip galvanization surface treatment. The M-Fusion surface treatment offers a strong protection against rust and will shortly be available on a large portion of Essve’s assortment of nails.

M-Fusion gives a more even dispensation of the surface treatment of the nail, compared to using hot-dip galvanization, a technique which in time will be replaced by M-Fusion. The surface treatment secures “better fastening” in wood and also makes the nail very easy to paint over.A C4 qualification also secure that M-fusion protects against rust better than hot-dip galvanized products.

- This is next generation surface treatment and will secure a long life for our products and also a better result for professionals using our products. The rust protection is superior to hot-dip galvanization and thanks to smart production, the environmental impact during the production process has radically been reduced. M-Fusion contributes to sustainability from two perspectives; a longer-lasting end result and a better option for the environment, says, Stefan Carlsson, Product manager Nails, Essve.

M-Fusion is approved by SP (The Technical Research Institute of Sweden) and complies with mounting regulation as according to AMA Hus 14 for wooden constructions.


Nails with the M-Fusion surface treatment will be available at local Essve retailers as of spring 2016.


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