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Essve launches new level screw which replaces wedge and block

Essve launches its new level screw simplifying the assembly of window frames by removing the need of both wedge and block. The patent-pending level screw is adjustable and thanks to the design of its head, it counteracts the frame to “wander”. Combined with Essve’s proprietary tools for tuning, mounting becomes easier and above all more time efficient.

Essve's level screw is made of hardened carbon steel and has a shiny zinc-coated surface for indoor application. The point of the screw has been equipped with fiber cut inserts, has a long undercarriage for good buoyancy and a large head counteracts the risk of the bottom of the frame sinking into the level screw.

The screw head consists of a round, concave shield with a TX30 bit socket for mounting and a 20 mm hex shield for smooth post adjustment.

– Our new level screw replaces wedges and blocks when installing new windows. It gives a perfect result and it streamlines time-consuming steps in the craftsman’s working day. Together with our proprietary tuning tools, mounting frames is safe, gives lasting results and is of course profitable, says Jonas Svensson, Head of Products, Essve.

When applying in wood, no pre-drilling is required and the dual fiber cut inserts reduces the risk of splitting the frame. The level screw can also be used in harder materials such as concrete, lightweight concrete and brick.

For regular mounting two level screws are used per window (split window with post should also have a screw directly under the post). The screws are placed as close to the outer edges of the frame as possible and then adjusted to the desired depth. The reach of adjustment is between 7-35 mm in height and each bolt can be loaded with a maximum of 110 kg.


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