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ESSVE launches: One of Scandinavia’s widest selection of nailers

ESSVE launches a new and complete range of nailers from TJEP. The selection is one of the widest in Scandinavia and consists of machines aimed at the professional craftsman.

ESSVE offers, via TJEP, a complete range of professional machines for the Nordic market. Since 1964, TJEP has been in the business of developing and improving products for the professional craftsman. The company’s long experience has made them the number one choice by many people in the industry.

Each machine in the range is specifically developed and adjusted to function well on the Nordic market. The harsh Nordic climate doesn’t stand in the way for great craftsmanship.

One machine for each application
The range of nailers is one of the most extensive in the Nordics and contains 25 different models. The powerful tools are well suited for work in concrete, boarding, roof battening, flooring, siding, laths wood frames and so forth. 

– The new selection from TJEP is extraordinary. They are truly professional tools. The variety of nail guns is large and our goal is that regardless of what the customer is looking for, he will find it here. We have everything from framing nailers and concrete nailers to finish nailers and staplers. We have also extended our selection of nails that suit all of our nailers to be able to offer a complete solution for safe and correct mounting, says Bodil Almberg, Product Manager at ESSVE.

TJEP nail guns for a trouble free workday

  • Tjep Concrete Nailers make fast attachments of skirting boards to brick and concrete walls.
  • Tjep Anchor Nailers make it easier to nail fixings and fastening systems.
  • Tjep Coil Nailers can easily handle plastic and coiled nails.
  • Tjep Brad Nailers can reach the most hard to reach places thanks to its skewed clip.

For further information please contact Bodil Almberg, Product Manager, telephone +46-8-623 61 67, e-mail  or Mattias Sebell, Marketing Manager, telephone: + 46 8-623 61 31, e-mail:


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ESSVE’s goal is to serve its customers in the construction industry and the branch of industry with products of high quality to attractive prices. Strong brands ensure high quality and the products are distributed throughout the Nordic region which allows large requisitions leading to lower prices. ESSVE is a part of B & B TOOLS.


High resolution pictures can be downloaded from the online pressroom

Brands in the ESSVE portfolio are:
ESSVE’s solutions for attachment: Products that are developed and adjusted to suit Nordic construction rules and conditions. Mounting, screw, industy- and attachment elements, mixed nails, fastening systems, glue, joint, drill and drill bits.

Milwaukee and Metabo: Electric tools with and without a cord for the professional craftsman.

FireSeal: Type approved and tested systems for fire sealing of lead-throughs.

TJEP: Air-driven nailers for the constructions industry. 

TJEP: Luftdrivna spikpistoler för byggindustrin

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Press contact Marketing Manager +46 (0)70 576 56 95

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