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ESSVE wins tester’s choice

Decking screw high season is upon us. The selection is extensive, as is the difference in quality of the screws on the market. Testfakta recently conducted a test on 8 screws from different suppliers and ESSVE’s decking screw Torpedo Max was selected the number one choice in the test.

Testfakta recently gave SP Sweden’s Technical Research Institute the assignment to compare decking screws. A significant difference in the durability of the screws was noticed in the test results.  For a few of the brands one in four screws had to be discarded. ESSVE’s decking screw Torpedo Max on the other hand performed very well in the test and came out as the unchallenged winner.

“I am very happy that we won the test, but not surprised. ESSVE’s decking screw also won Testfakta’s test back in 2006. We work continuously to improve our selection, the Torpedo Max-screw is one of our more recent products, which makes it especially rewarding that it achieved the highest marks, says Jörgen Falck,” Category Manager of screws at ESSVE.

Torpedo Max CorrSeal has a lifespan of at least 15 years when used in the intended environment, such as in areas on or near the coast with a medium salinity, or in environments with higher levels of air pollution. In the test, the screw received the highest marks for turn resistance and section modulus.

” Our screw will probably last longer than the decking board’. Since the screw also is gentle on the wood, it causes a minimal amount of cracks when the screw is mounted, which extends the lifespan of the wood by a number of years, says Jörgen Falck.

With a wider diameter, the Torpedo Max-screw is made to handle motion stress which a larger duck board construction causes. Featuring a newly developed torpedo top the screw causes a minimal amount of cracks in the wood as well as reducing the screw torque. Catching instantly, the torpedo tip facilitates and optimizes the mounting. Newly developed ribs under the head of the screw also generate an effective countersink of the screw without causing chips and cracks.

”A few years back people built decks that were around 60 square metres. Today, an increasing number of the decks built are between 160 and 260 square metres. It is common to build in the whole garden, and to complement with a pool. It puts much higher demands on the screw, as it is exposed to higher levels of stress,” says Jörgen Falck.

ESSVE is Scandinavia’s largest screw supplier, and the company delivers 75 million decking screws each year in Sweden and Norway. If the decks are built according to the directions that number builds 2.4 million square metres of duck board.

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About ESSVE:

ESSVE was established in 1970 and is the market leader in the Nordic region in the area of attachment solutions for the builders- and automotive industries. The products range from tiny screws to powerful fasteners for dam construction. ESSVE also offers reliable tools for wood- and metal work to the builders industry and the branch of industry. 225 employees work at the ESSVE offices in nine different countries. ESSVE’s head office is located in Sollentuna, which is a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden, and the central warehouse is located in Ulricehamn, Sweden. Since 2004, ESSVE is a part of the B&B TOOLS-Group.


B&B TOOLS is a supplier of industrial essentials and components to the industry- and builders sectors in northern Europe. The Group has an annual turnover of about SEK 7.9 billion and has approximately 2.900 employees.


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