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New sealants from Essve secure the roofing jobs

Essve has developed two new sealant products for repair and sealing of roofs. UniversalSeal Allweather is for sealing and mounting of gutters and roofs. New RoofSeal enables easy repair and sealing roofing felt, tin roofs and also cracks in foundations. ”Small issues quickly become large ones when it comes to roofs and gutters. Our products are developed so that the professional craftsman can quickly and effectively solve a number of incidents, including during damp and cold conditions”, says Lisa Jungerts, Product and Development Manager for Adhesives and Sealants at Essve.

This year, Essve has presented a number of news within the adhesive and sealants segment. Next in line are two new solutions for sealing, repairing and mounting of roofs and gutters.

With UniversalSeal Allweather, professional craftsmen can seal and repair roofs and gutters, but also other bushings, even during wet conditions.

– When it comes to roofs, you typically have to act both quickly and with precision. Sealing a leaking roof during a rainy November must be done fast and with safety in mind. In those scenarios, you have to have products which deliver every time, regardless of weather. UniversalSeal Allweather is surface-dry in just a couple of minutes, enabling for quick action when issues arise, says Lisa Jungerts.

New Essve RoofSeal is perfect for repairing and sealing of roofing felt, tin roofs or even foundation. RoofSeal is asphalt-based (bitumen) and strengthened by fiberglass. This combination secures a very filling joint, delivering a waterproof seal between different materials. RoofSeal can also be used for mounting of tin or roofing felt.

– In the Nordics, we see great shifts in both temperature and weather. -30 degrees celsius and ice in the winter time and 30+ degrees and sunny just a few months later. Regardless of weather, the professional craftsman needs to get the job done. New RoofSeal is a great example of our product development philosophy, according to which the product is developed to deliver equally well in both hot and cold, damp or dry environments, and guarantees a precise end result, says Lisa Ljungerts.

About Essve’s new sealants:

UniversalSeal Allweather

Easy to use and highly elastic sealant which fastens in all climates and weathers and against most materials. The joint is weather-consistent and immediately waterproof, and provides a very elastic seal. The product comes in both transparent and black. Perfect for mounting and repairing of leaking gutters, surface water systems and for sealing bushings in both roof and foundation. Best used outdoors due to sharp smell when applied (smell not persistent). The product will become surface-dry in a couple of minutes.

Normally fully hardened within 24 hours, depending on temperature. UniversalSeal Allweather can be applied in all weathers and is freeze resistant.


Essve RoofSeal is for repairs, fastening and sealing of roofs, foundations and also for sealing around pipes/plumming and other bushings. Based on asphalt (bitumen) and strengthened with glass fiber, RoofSeal enables a strong and filling joint. The product always provides a compteley waterproof seal and can be used all year around, even against damp surfaces.

New Essve RoofSeal is perfect for repair of roofing felt and tin roofs but also for fixing cracks in foundations. The product can be both sprayed and filled and also functions as fastener for applying roofing felt or tin sheets.

The application surface should be smoothed out and cleaned with cleaning spray/cloth or naphtha. Essve RoofSeal becomes surface-dry in 10–20 minutes. The product functions in cold temperature, however hardens/softens with the shifting temperature.


UniversalSeal Allweather and RoofSeal are available at your Essve retailer as of October 2016.


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