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Roaring success for ESSBOX - over 120 000 units sold

The new ESSBOX packaging solution was launched in February 2012 and became an instant success amongst professional craftsmen in the Nordics. Recently ESSBOX passed the milestone of 120,000 sold units.

– We have passed a level we thought would take a much longer time to reach. If we look at the number of units and number of employees in the construction industry in our core markets in the Nordic region, we can say that we are providing about every fifth professional craftsman with an ESSBOX today, says Mattias Sebell, brand manager at Essve.

The number of employees in the Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish construction industry amounted to about 680 000* in 2014, according to the Swedish Construction Federation. With this background, it is considered a great success that ESSVE in less than three years managed to sell over 120,000 units of the ESSBOX packaging solution.

– We can clearly see that ESSBOX is generating growth both for us and our retailers. The product is very popular and appreciated by the craftsmen. There are a number of retailers, following the launch of ESSBOX have experienced almost a doubling of revenues within the attachment category. And of course it is proof that the end user wants order and to avoid unnecessary waste in their workplace. The product is actually so attractive, that there are a number of other actors who have tried to launch really low quality versions of our original idea, says Mattias Sebell, brand manager at Essve.

ESSBOX is one of many examples of Essve's efforts to develop products in close collaboration with the industry. The idea of the ESSBOX originally came through Essve’s test pilot program, where the company involves industry professionals in the evaluation and development of new products.

– We have always developed our products in close collaboration with professional craftsmen and ESSBOX is a bright and shining example of this. We develop smart solutions for real situations and challenges, making the working day of the end user easier, safer and more profitable. That is our whole mission, says Mattias Sebell.


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