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 MasterCut Waterjet - photo courtesey of STM Waterjet
MasterCut Waterjet - photo courtesey of STM Waterjet

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Nobody cuts it better

“Made in Austria” as a mark of quality: STM Waterjet Group has been setting technological standards in water jet cutting systems for twenty years. Sixty percent of the systems that are sold go to the premium segment and use high-quality, stainless steel ETP-EXPRESS hydraulic locking bushes.

STM Waterjet Group customers know that they’ll always receive cutting-edge products courtesy of the ongoing research that STM conducts in cooperation with universities and the Fraunhofer Institute. As Head of Development & Project Management, overseeing ongoing product development and quality assurance is one of Sascha Baumann’s core tasks. STM Waterjet Group’s clients include global players such as Ford and Thyssen Krupp, alongside smaller metalworkers and medium-sized companies from across the globe.

Maximum process reliability

High-quality components and workmanship are absolutely essential when it comes to water jet cutting systems. As an example, the all-rounder for more demanding cutting tasks, the MasterCut, has a lightweight design manufactured from aluminium and stainless steel, and works with a high-pressure pump based on the pressure intensifier principle at up to 6,000 bar. STM Waterjet Group has been working with ETP for over a decade to ensure a consistent level of quality, even at these high pressures.

“We install four ETP-EXPRESS stainless steel hydraulic locking bushes in our premium products and have relied on ETP’s quality for the past ten years,” says Sascha Baumann.

One-screw assembly

While each individual component has to meet exacting standards, there is also an obvious need to make (dis)assembly quick and easy. Only having to use one screw makes assembly pretty much self-explanatory, and the locking bush works like new even after being dis- and re-assembled several times. The bush is easy to clean and can be used without any problems at extreme temperatures ranging from -30 to 85 °C.

“Assembling the ETP-EXPRESS stainless locking bush takes only one screw – nothing can go wrong,Sascha Baumann explains.

The most impressive feature of the ETP-EXPRESS stainless steel hydraulic locking bush is its consistent runout. But it’s not just the quality of ETP’s products and customer service that make an impression: ETP’s mission to help customers achieve excellence through simplicity has become a reality – and there’s no better foundation for a long-lasting partnership than that.

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