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ETP-HYLOC in operation since 1987
ETP-HYLOC in operation since 1987

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PLUG & PLAY hub-shaft connection for quick mounting and heavy loads!

The New edition ETP-HYLOC – Plug & Play Concept

In the beginning of June 2021 ETP Transmission AB will be relaunching their world famous hub-shaft connection ETP-HYLOC. The new edition of ETP-HYLOC and high pressure pumps are equipped with hydraulic quick connectors. This new Plug & Play concept makes it easier and faster than ever to operate the unique ETP-HYLOC says Sales Director Thomas Nyman.

ETP-HYLOC is a hydromechanical hub-shaft connection which is suited to work in difficult environments and heavy operations for example in steel rolling mills and process industries. An interesting application, among many, has been fastening of feeding or forming rolls to shafts. Another application where ETP-HYLOC is frequently used is various test benches.

Ergonomic and environmentally friendly

Thomas Nyman underlines that ETP-HYLOC has many unique features and is favorable in many ways in addition to the technical benefits and easy operation.

– The environmental sustainability aspect is very important, ETP-HYLOC is environmentally friendly as the oil within ETP-HYLOC recirculates to the pump, meaning that the oil is reused - resulting in a minimal oil spill. It´s a true boost for the ergonomic aspect and safety for service technicians who now are able to stand in a comfortable ergonomic position at a distance while mounting or releasing the unit, as the pumps have three meter long hoses. Compared to traditional mechanical style connections with a high number of bolts that require tightening upwards of 150 Nm and not seldom in a cramped industrial environment. It is quite tough to stand in a cramped environment with a hand tool and work. Compared to now when you can just "Plug & Play", says Thomas.

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Relaunching in June

ETP-HYLOC is available in a number of standard shaft sizes as well as customized versions. The customer has two different pumps to choose from, motorized or manual operated whatever suits best the individual need or budget. Thomas Nyman along with the entire ETP Team is now looking forward to the relaunch in June.

– Our new launch feels great. Our experience is that once a customer have tried an ETP-HYLOC and seen how well it fits and how the downtime decreases you do not want anything else. ETP-HYLOC is everything we stand for: Quick, Easy and Precise, concludes Thomas.

ETP Transmission provide Volvo Penta a smooth solution

In the beginning of April, Volvo Penta tried a brand new concept which involved connecting a motor to an electric brake in their boat engine D13. The solution consisted of ETP Transmissions hydromechanical hub-shaft ETP-HYLOC and the result was successful.

– Everything went really well throughout the process. The shaft was easy to mount and definitely lived up to our expectations, says Dan Johansson, Facility Process and Mechanical Engineer at Volvo Penta.

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The marine innovators Volvo Penta, who are a part of Volvo Group, develop everything from propulsion systems, drivelines to user interfaces. This spring, the innovation company has worked on their cylinder diesel engine Volvo Penta D13 which contains a high-pressure injection system, overhead camshaft and twin-entry turbo with water-cooled exhaust manifold. During a special testing Volvo Penta tried to connect the motor to an electric brake, placing the hydromechanical connection ETP-HYLOC on the shaft between the motor and the brake that slows the engine down.

– The idea behind the project was to design a new clutch that we needed to connect to our brake in the test room. Therefore we needed a joint that we could mount on the shaft. ETP-HYLOC was a great alternative because of the easy assembly and the fact that it can handle very heavy operations, says Dan Johansson.

ETP-HYLOC - Strong and easy to assemble

The hydromechanical hub-shaft connection is ideally suited to work in difficult environments and heavy operations such as steel rolling mills and process industries. Aside from being able to handle heavy loads ETP-HYLOC is also fast to mount and contains a good concentricity which was advantageous in the new concept that Volvo Penta developed.

– We are quite satisfied with the hydromechanical shaft. The main advantages that we experienced was the quick assembly and the high precision as well as the adjustability. We will be using ETP-HYLOC this fall in a concept which will be held in a test room as well, concludes Dan Johansson.

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