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Reaming excellence!

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Reaming excellence!


- make your ER holder hydraulic and enjoy multiple benefits.

With the ETP ECOGRIP ER hydraulic sleeve you can easily turn your standard ER holder into a high precision hydraulic holder. Thus you can easily enjoy, as above machining examples shows you, all the positive benefits of hydraulic clamping such as easy handling and precision.

Ideal for long over-hang applications were the need for adjustment of TIR is crucial for the best possible hole tolerance result and concistency.

Benefits and features:

  • Compact holder design - allowing feeding the holder through the part.
  • Adjustability of TIR - For long over-hang applications possibility to dial in the requsted TIR.
  • Quick and Easy handling/tool changes - just a single pressure screw to tighten.

  • Gauge length 335.6 mm (14”) TIR: 0.005 mm (0.0002”)

    This is how it works!

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    Anders Halldan

    Anders Halldan

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    Our business concept and all products are based upon the hydraulic principle. The ETP high precision
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