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Actuators and pillars

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Actuators and pillars

Ewellix’s electromechanical actuators are used in industrial automation, medical applications and mobile machinery. Our high duty application actuators are usable from low to high forces, typically with high speed and can perform a high number of cycles during its service lifetime. Ewellix also offer a wide range of telescopic pillars.
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Ewellix is a global innovator and manufacturer of Linear Motion and Actuation solutions used in industrial automation, medical applications and mobile machinery. Formerly part of SKF Group, the Ewellix Group consists of 16 sales units and nine factories. External net sales are approximately 2.3 SEK billion and we employ around 1400 people. Ewellix is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden and is owned by Triton.

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Daniel Westberg

Daniel Westberg

Press contact CEO +46 705 75 24 71
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Annika Lemming

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