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micro-CT reconstruction of Spider

3D video reconstruction of high resolution micro-CT of a spider. The high brightness of the Excillum x-ray source makes it feasible to utilize phase even in micro-CT application contrast with reasonable exposure times and high resolution.
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  • Science, technology


  • excillum
  • power density
  • brightness
  • brilliance
  • ct
  • ndt
  • micro ct
  • in line holography
  • phase contrast
  • radiography
  • radiology
  • x-ray imaging
  • jet target
  • jet anode
  • liquid anode
  • liquid jet anode
  • liquid metal jet
  • liquid jet
  • electron optics
  • electron beam
  • line focus
  • micro focus
  • microfocus
  • rotating anode
  • x-ray generator
  • x-ray tube
  • x-ray source
  • x-ray

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