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Apple Low Latency HLS Added to the Low Latency CMAF Workshop

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Apple Low Latency HLS Added to the Low Latency CMAF Workshop

Apple introduced a new version of their streaming protocol in June 2019 to reduce glass-to-glass latency in streaming. If you want to understand the details, benefits and implications that this change has, we have included a dedicated section where we go through these changes in our Low Latency CMAF workshop.

At their World Wide Developer Conference in June 2019 Apple introduced an addition to their streaming protocol HLS. An addition that enables streaming video distributors to reduce the glass-to-glass latency for streaming to Apple devices.

Partial segments, partial playlist updates and push with HTTP/2 are some of the additions to the protocol. While HLS has gradually been updated over the years this is one of the most significant updates to their streaming protocol. All devices expect to support this version and thus enabling reduced live latency for Apple devices by the end of 2019.

If you want to understand the changes, benefits and implications this new version of HLS has, we have added a section covering the new Apple low latency HLS to our Low Latency CMAF workshop. Find more information about the workshop at the Eyevinn Learning Center.

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