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Eyevinn Stream Corruptor Available as Closed Beta

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Eyevinn Stream Corruptor Available as Closed Beta

Finding and testing video players and streaming services with correct streams is one thing but finding invalid streams to test how the service behaves in these scenarios is a complete different thing and can be more challenging. To facilitate this need we have developed the Eyevinn Stream Corruptor.

The Stream Corruptor is a proxy that is placed in-between the streaming application and the streaming origin and manipulates the stream and adds errors that you specify to test how the service behaves.

Eyevinn is now inviting their customers to a closed beta of the Stream Corruptor service where they can test how this can be incorporated into their development and deployment environment.

“This initiative was started by one of our video player developer who wanted to test how the player reacted to certain type of errors. To verify that the player behaved correctly in these situations.”, explains Jonas Rydholm Birmé, VP R&D Eyevinn Technology.

Instead of constructing specific invalid streams, this solution allows any type of streams to be “corrupted” and used when testing the player’s behavior. How it works is that you point the video player to the proxy and provide the URL to the original manifest as a parameter. The proxy reads the original manifest and returns a modified manifest to the player. This makes it possible to introduce errors such as 404 or timeout when requesting video segments, or even gaps in the video timeline.

One use case is to test how the video player reacts to errors and another use case is to verify that the analytics you collect are correct. How do you know that an in-stream error is actually correctly reported if you have no way to verify it?

Jonas again:

“We are offering our customers this as a closed beta to gain initial feedback and learn more in which direction to develop this tool. I personally believe this is a tool that in the end can help improve the quality of experience for end consumers of streaming services.”

If you want to know more about this tool and interested in becoming a closed beta customer contact us at or Jonas Rydholm Birmé, VP R&D Eyevinn Technology. 

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