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Eyevinn Technology Releases Consuo Commercial Edition to bring VOD to Live

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Eyevinn Technology Releases Consuo Commercial Edition to bring VOD to Live

Based on the open sourced technology to create virtual linear TV channels from a video on-demand library in a very cost-efficient way, Eyevinn Technology announces today the availability of a commercial edition that can be plugged into your online video pipeline.

Back in 2018 Eyevinn Technology developed a proof of concept on how a linear TV channel from a VOD library could be created for online streaming without requiring any live video processing. The technology behind this concept was at the same time released as open source and made available for the video community to build on.

Based on this technology, Eyevinn Technology today announced the release of its Consuo Commercial Edition to help customers create virtual linear 24/7 channels from their already transcoded VOD library.

Content owners are looking for additional ways to monetize their existing VOD library, and consumers would like to have a lean-back TV experience for their online streaming services. Consuo makes this possible by generating virtual live streams from available VOD content. VOD assets already transcoded and stored on origin can be distributed as a linear feed, tailored for the specific case.

Consuo is a cloud agnostic software, provided as Docker containers, that can be plugged into your online video pipeline to provide unlimited thematic, regional or personal linear TV channels based on an existing VOD library. Based on a schedule, Consuo uses the already transcoded files and generates a live channel to a fraction of the cost compared to live 24/7 transcoding.

Consuo preserve any ad-opportunity segments and markers that later can with individually targeted advertising into the video streams.

With Consuo, content owners can monetize already existing libraries and reduce churn by offering the lean-back TV experience and personalized playlists to consumers. Content owners can easily spin-up virtual thematic channels based on genres, regions or any other criteria.

“Consuo initiated from an open source library and we’re now offering Consuo as a licensed product for commercial usage. A very simple way to create additional revenue streams for your content for a small price”, explains Magnus Svensson, VP Sales and Business Development at Eyevinn Technology.

Eyevinn will continue to support the open source community as new core features and bugfixes will be contributed back to the open source component Consuo is based on.

“Offering a commercial alternative will make it possible for us to extend and improve the core of this technology, something that in the end will benefit the video community”, adds Jonas Rydholm Birmé, VP R&D at Eyevinn Technology.

Contact us to schedule a demo or to start a free trial of Consuo from Eyevinn Technology through

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