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Multilume Re:Think - an environmental take on a versatile luminaire, where the waste is now the win.
Multilume Re:Think - an environmental take on a versatile luminaire, where the waste is now the win.

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Multilume Re:Think - making your carbon footprint tip-toe.

Our popular flatpanel Multilume Slim has seen the light of day in a new skin. An environmental take on a versatile luminaire, where the waste is now the win. 

Smaller footprints

We have made life cycle assessments on three of our major products and identified material as the second largest* impact factor of our carbon footprint. Using virgin or fossil materials is not a long-term solution. We therefore need a new approach to the flow of resources and units in the manufacturing industry. By replacing the material in the luminaire body with renewable resources in one of our best-selling products, we reduce the climate impact from the luminaire body by 83%.**

– By producing the luminaire in hard cardboard, it is its own box. With this innovation we reduce packaging material, says Lars Eriksson Product and Application Manager at Fagerhults Belysning. The luminaire body is equal to the packaging – no plastic parts or non-recyclable packaging, only recyclable corrugated cardboard remains after installation

Re:Duce and Re:Cycle

The luminaire is also 32% lighter**, hence better to transport, and you can easily fit more luminaires in the same shipping since it is less space consuming.

On site, it comes ready to install. With one easy but gentle grip, the louvre cover is removed. Compared to a standard luminaire it has all the same features – easy installation with quick connections, lighting technology, integrated Organic Response sensors and the same lifetime. Nothing is left out, it’s all in the box.

– We know that it is time to change our behaviour, says Daniel Gothammar Range Director at Fagerhults Belysning. We are proud of our own products and we always carry out a long quality assurance process before they are launched. In this case, we all had to learn new, but without compromising with safety, quality or function. This is one way of visualising that there can be alternative ways for our industry.

When the luminaires life cycle is over, more than 90% of Multilume Re:Think can be recycled into new material, and the luminaire body (made of natural fibre) can be recycled to 100%. Maybe you will hold it in your hand again in the future, but then in the form of a milk carton?

* Energy consumption when the luminaire is in use, being the largest.
** Compared to a Multilume Slim.

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Fagerhult develops, produces and markets professional lighting solutions for public environments such as offices, schools, retail areas, industries and hospitals, indoor and outdoor. Our lighting knowledge, combined with a wide range of innovative, energy efficient, environmental friendly lighting solutions, makes us a natural partner for the entire project. Fagerhult is a part of the Fagerhult Group, one of Europe's leading lighting companies with 4,700 employees in 28 countries around the world.


Emma Pantzar

Emma Pantzar

Marketing Director +46 36 290 6157
Lars Eriksson

Lars Eriksson

Product and Application Manager Application School

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Fagerhult is part of the Fagerhult Group, one of Europe's leading lighting companies, with 12 different brands and 4,200 employees in 27 countries around the world.